Courting Mrs. McCarthy

Here’s something totally new for you! A male centered romance written by a male author! The world of romance novels are usually dominated by women writers, so when Ian Thomas Malone came to me with Courting Mrs. McCarthy, I knew I had to give it a shot. Also, because the main characters are 17 and 42, I will not be including a heat level in this review.


Heat Level: N/A

Overall Rating: 3/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Coming of Age

Nathan wants what all teen boys want before heading off to college; a summer hanging out by the water with no responsibilities and smoking some weed by the water, after he ditches his drama queen girlfriend Sarah. That goal seems pretty doable, considering his dad is a hot shot businessman who is comfortable leaving his son home with family for two years. Yes, Nathan has freedom and plans for when the summer ends, but when the beautiful and wealthy Mrs. McCarthy catches his eye and occupies his thoughts for days.

Mrs. McCarthy was an ex-pro baseball player’s wife that enjoyed the perks money and fame offered, but was completely over her husband’s philandering ways. Instead of following her cheating spouse around, she choose to take their three kids for a summer of fun at Seers Point. However, she’s not just there for the sun and sand. She also has her sights set on a teenage boy…


I was really into the guy’s perspective of this book, as it’s not something you find in novels that have a romantic turn. That was definitely a plus for me. However, I wish Nathan was older. He sounded more like he was 30 than 17, and I felt that Malone might have had a great success in bringing up his age for this purpose. Malone can certainly string words together to make some intriguing and elevated dialogue! Also, making Nathan a few years older would take out the ick factor of a middle age woman going after a teenager. While I can see the merit in this book, it’s not one that I will read again.



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