Because I Had To

Alright, we have taken a break from romance to bring you a book that hits you hard in the feels. Because I Had To is by David Bulitt and is a mystery/ psychological thriller that takes you down the roads you never wanted to go down but knew you had to.



Heat- Not that type of book

Genre- Mystery/ Thriller/ Suspense

Overall Rating Rating- 5/6 Glass Slippers

Jess Porter has not had an easy life. The only person she felt that she could connect with is her father. But now he’s dead and she’s been adopted. However, things aren’t much better for her. After all, how can you possibly get through the day when your perfect twin sister has it all and you’re left with her scraps. She not only struggles academically but socially as well. Naturally, she has been seeing therapists for quite some time. But they don’t seem to be helping as she’s still cutting, still feeling broken, and still feeling unwanted. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. She begins this journey, moving to South Florida, trying to find her birth mother, and hoping that all of the jagged pieces of her life somehow fit together as she learns about some of the secrets of her past. But the question then becomes, will her secrets help her grow, or send her spiraling back down to the place of misery she’s been trying to claw her way out of.

This book especially spoke to me because I am a twin. My brother and I have been compared our entire lives but we are two very different people. I struggle with street smarts and he had issues academically. Our parents tried hard to treat us as two different people, but everyone else would always assume twins are exactly the same. Why couldn’t he get an A in English and why couldn’t I go around the corner from my house without getting lost. I felt that Bulitt accurately portrayed the struggle that you feel when you want to live up to someone else’s life but you just can’t.


What made this story amazing, was how it didn’t just gloss over the nitty gritty and it wasn’t just teenage angst. Yes, there was plenty of that, but a lot of the issues that Jess was dealing with, are a lot bigger than we usually have to deal with at this age. You see her go through therapy fighting herself to get better.

Fun fact about Bulitt, he is in family law. This book drips of real life scenarios, real outcomes, and real law. I cannot stand it when there are inaccuracies in books and not one thing seemed fabricated or lacking research.

The problem with this book, though it is a quick read, is that it is a heavy read. I guess that’s the downside to handling issues like this. You definitely need to know what you’re starting before you get into it because it is not a fun and light romance. Though, sometimes you do need a break from those.

Give Bulitt a try and be ready to not only be wowed, but to be taken on a journey that may require a tissue or two. But don’t worry, Bulitt throws some funny moments in there from time to time to balance the harder times.



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