Perfectly Imperfect

I know, another book review! We’ve had a lot of fun things come though our emails lately. So, let’s talk about Perfectly Imperfect by Gabriela Cabezut! It’s a nostalgic college romance that leaves you wondering if first love is always true love.


Heat Level: ♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: New Adult Romance

Farah Dent has been away for her freshman year of college in California for a year. But the summer holiday beckons her home to Boston, as does her best friend Cassie, who is marrying her main man Ryan. It should be fun time; long hot months, days planning a wedding with her BFF, and nights out on the town as a new adult. But one thing threatens to spoil Farah’s time at home. Her ex boyfriend, Chris Lawson.


She would be happy to never see him again, even though the only reason they broke up was the vast distance between them after high school ended. However, he’s everywhere she turns in their small town, including her photography class. And when it turns out they’re both in Cassie and Ryan’s bridal party, they’re thrust together, for what seems like forever. Can they sort out their differences for their best friends special day? Will they come together and salvage their friendship? Or at the end of the summer, will Farah leave a piece of her heart back in Boston?

This was a nice, lighthearted romance and a very easy read. The characters sounded a little young at times for my taste, but I suppose that’s college freshman for you! The storyline was believable, Farah likable, and her growth in this book was better than I expected. Nothing like a hometown romance to get you in the mood to cuddle up with a good book.



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