Ungranted Wishes

I find author Grace Risata hilarious. She’s written Mowed, My Dirty Detour, and my personal fav, Nights in the Fast Lane. It’s not rare that I actually laugh out loud while reading something, as my resting bitch face is normally at a steady 8.9. Anyways, let’s dive right in.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: BBW Paranormal Romance

Cleo Welch works at her family’s engine repair shop. She works with the computers, tries to bring in new customers, and is generally a productive co-owner…except when Colton Palmer is in the room. He’s like ten pounds of sexy in a teaspoon. But Cleo is able to take her mind off the tall, handsome distraction when she’s participating in her favorite thing; scouring estate sells for vintage items. Some she keeps, most she sells, and some change her life forever.

She’s at an estate sale when she spies an odd looking, brass teapot. Later that night, after several glasses of wine, Cleo has a funny thought. The $5 teapot looks like a magic lamp! And Cleo did what any of us would do while drunk. She made up some rhyming poems and rubbed the thing. But instead of a few alcohol induced giggles. Cleo got much more than she bargained for. A naked dude in her living room, surrounded by smoke.


Like this. Only sexy.

“Beck”, short for Khabekhnet gives Cleo two weeks to make three wishes…which is easier said than done when Beck is a mega hottie with ancient and magical ties. What will Cleo wish for? Will something finally come of her infatuation with Colt? What does Beck’s flirtation with her really mean? And when the two weeks is up, will Cleo have finally gotten everything she’s ever wanted?

Risata is one of those self-published authors that goes for quality over quantity. Do I wish there were more funny books of hers floating around? Yes. But I know that I wouldn’t appreciate them as much if she pumped them out once a week and they were just repeats of her last books, just with different names. Really nice to see someone take pride in their work. Besides, I’ve never read a genre quite like this! Anyways, it’s a bit on the explicit side, but it’s a fun book and you’ll really enjoy it is you’re into a bit of heat. Overall, I really recommend this book, and the rest of Risata’s work for anyone who likes some silly with their sex.



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