“The Non-Disclosure Agreement” Blurb


Michigan sweetheart Holly McIntyre flees her small town and moves to the big city without a second thought…

Being the personal assistant to a hotshot New York City CEO isn’t Holly’s first choice of career. It isn’t the glamorous event-planning job she’s dreamed of, but it gives her a reason to leave her old life and old love behind. She thinks she’ll be fetching coffee and making calls for an old man, until a dark-haired god steps into the office and makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Jackson Cantrell isn’t what you would call a family man…

When running for mayor, Jackson finds the voters judging him for his reputation as a womanizing playboy. His campaign manager suggests a wife might help, but why look for a respectable woman to date when there’s one working right in his office? And she has already signed a non-disclosure agreement, making her the perfect choice. But a pair of long legs and bright green eyes might make it harder to keep their relationship professional.

Forced to spend every moment together, Holly and Jackson begin to mix business with pleasure…

Jackson moves Holly into his penthouse to save her from the paparazzi, and they spend much more time in their pretend roles than they anticipated, with unexpected results. He shows her how to live among the rich, and she teaches him what it means to be an ordinary man. As Jackson lowers his walls, he thinks she might be the key to saving more than his political career.

But when Holly truly tests him, will Jackson throw away their contract and their love for his old life?


Look for The Non-Disclosure Agreement this spring by Limitless Publishing. Until then, learn all about Jackson, Holly, and their budding romance here on my about page.



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