Meet Teddy-“The Amethyst Bride”

You’re met Drummond MacGregor, read a steamy scene, and learned about Penelope Elmsly, but now you’re going to meet Theodore Harrison.


Theodore Harrison, or “Teddy” as Penelope begins to affectionately call him, is a classically handsome gentleman. At twenty-seven years of age, he’s in the prime of his youth and is ready to appreciate the fruits of his labors. He is also the owner of the Atlantic Star Shipping Company, which supplies England’s upper class with all the fine and exotic goods the far east has to offer. Cultivating his business has come easily, but finding a well-born and polite wife has eluded him.

While he wasn’t born into nobility, his shipping business has made him one of the richest young men in London. And, as you know, that makes him the season’s most eligible bachelor. Every matriarch is thrusting their daughters and nieces into his path, but when Penelope Elmsly crosses his path, he takes himself off the market and begins to woo his English rose.


But besides courting and business, Theodore has one big love in his life; horticulture. He adores building a lush garden and studying all that plants have to say. His dream is to erect his own greenhouse in the country so that he can maintain his hobby to his heart’s desire. As you know, the Victorians believed in the language of flower and believed that each had a meaning. So when Theodore showers Penelope with bouquets of ranunculos and gorse, it can only mean one thing; London’s most eligible bachelor only has eyes for her.


Read all about Kelsey’s Scottish historical romances here!



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