Common Outlander Misconceptions

Believe it or not but there are some Outlander haters and nonbelievers out there. But the thing that makes a lot of them so interesting is that they dislike it because of rumors or misconceptions that they have heard or read somewhere. It’s time we set a few of these straight and hopefully bring some more fans into the Clan.

  1. It’s a historical show so it must be boring

This couldn’t be more wrong. The show and books are filled with fighting, kidnapping, political schemes, passion, and backstabbing. It will make you laugh, cry, and love…quite possibly all in one episode. Then the next will make you sob, scream, and curse. It is not predictable in the slightest.


2. I need to know a lot about history to understand what’s going on

 False. I think (and this is my opinion) that both the show and the books do a good job of explaining what is going on. On top of that, they make enough references, that if you ever were confused, you could quickly do a google search. This isn’t a story that forces you to learn history. We aren’t tricking you, I promise!


3. It is historically accurate

Okay, we all want to be able to fall through the stones and meet Jamie Fraser (or Dougal) however, on some level we know that time travel has yet to be sorted out. But when it is, we all can go fight it out for Jamie’s love. Well, you go, I’ll happily step aside for Dougal. Anyway, there are also a lot of other things that may seem accurate that aren’t. We aren’t trying to teach you history. There are true things, allusions to true events, and even some real people mentioned but remember, this is in the fiction section of the book store.


4. Its too long

Well, there I can’t fault you. The books are long. However, a good way to see if it is for you, is to watch the show. Give it a try and if you like it, then you can read the books. Don’t like reading…again there is a show where you don’t have to do any reading. I think the show does a good job of capturing the books. Obviously they are a little different but considering some of the tv shows out there, it’s probably as close as it can get. In other words, the books are long but the show is only an hour an episode.


5. I won’t relate to it

Wrong again. I have heard so many people say that something one of these characters went through touched there heart. In fact, I do actually relate to some of the situations that the characters are in. it doesn’t matter how long ago the story takes place, if you’re in love you can relate to being devastated at the idea of being separated from them. There are so many other beautiful yet real moments that help others grow stronger or believe in themselves. I don’t want to ruin it for you but take my word for it.


6.It’s porn

No, no. You probably just heard us talking or making jokes about “knee porn.” It’s a joke because the kilt just covers the knee so when you see a little knee it’s “scandalous.” Outlander isn’t porn. Yes, there is some sex in it but it’s artfully shot, there is mostly a lot of boob and butts but you don’t get to see the actual goodies. If you don’t like it, fastforward or skip the scene in the book. But it is no where near erotica.

Outlander 2014

7. It’s a fantasy story

Well, this is kind of true but kind of not. So it does include time travel and there may be a witch or two, but I wouldn’t really classify this as fantasy. No one has a magic wand that they wave to call objects to them and there aren’t hobbits running around trying to destroy the ring to rule them all (though Graham, the actor who plays Dougal, was in the hobbit.) I would say there is a bit more mystery to it than The Notebook but less magic than Harry Potter.


8. Isn’t part of it in another language

Donna fash! Yes, some of it is in Gaelic and there are some strong accents. At first, I had trouble understanding the show. I put the subtitles on for a couple episodes, and now it comes naturally to me. I can read it and watch it with no trouble. I actually like the accents. You understand the parts that you’re meant to understand. The story is told from Claire’s perspective and she doesn’t speak Gaelic so she doesn’t understand what they’re saying sometimes either. You’re in good company.


Interested in Gaelic, click here

9. It’s just for woman

False! Bros for Outlander! While it may take some convincing, promising, pleading, and a rope, if you can get your man to watch it, I think he’ll like it. The show does have a strong romantic plot, but it also has enough action to keep him happy, appalled, and excited all at once. They may deny it, but a lot of men are into the show and we say power to them!


10. Droughtlander is never ending

There is a light at this end of this tunnel! A new book is being released and season three starts up again in April. Outlander fans, we just need to wait a little longer and we’ll have more!


So we’ve covered 10, technically 9, misconceptions about the show, the books, and the story. What other misconceptions have you heard? Comment below

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5 thoughts on “Common Outlander Misconceptions

  1. ladyailith says:

    The premiere date for season three has yet to be determined. They’re only half way done with filming as of the end of December. And I really don’t think it’s possible to have it filmed and gone through production by April as much as we all would love for that to happen!


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