The Girl With Daisies

Do you remember the steamy hockey romances I couldn’t get enough of by Savannah Blevins? Well, the first two are The Girl With Hearts and The Girl With Diamonds and I gave both a a perfect score for being amazing, so keep that in mind when you’re snowed in and craving something new to read! So, let’s delve into The Girl With Daisies, your perfect winter read. Btw, this is the third in the series, and while this review won’t contain any spoilers, you might want to get the other two before you buy this one 🙂


Heat Level: ♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Sports Romance

Struggling hockey player Callen Copley isn’t really the marrying kind. He gets tongue tied around women, unless he has some shots in him, and he normally leaves his confidence on the ice. But his friends want him to find a nice girl, fall in love, and be as blissfully lucky in romance as they have been. So they’ve selected him eight beautiful single ladies to meet, hoping one will catch his eye…but the only girl Callen has on his mind is a beautiful waitress he sees all the time, but has never had the guts to talk to.

Penny Duchene is a free spirited wild child who is used to seeing Callen come into the restaurant she works at like clockwork. However, it isn’t coincidence that their paths cross, it’s all part of Penny’s larger plan. She needs answered only a player can provide and will use any means necessary to get them. But when she begins to grow closer to quiet hockey player Callen, will she be able to keep up the lies, and stick to the plan?


Can I just start out by telling you that Callen has a lip ring? Maybe it’s my inner scene girl friend high school coming out, but hot damn, do I love a lip ring! Anyways, This book was slightly different than the other, but not in a bad way at all! There were secrets, intrigue, and…did I mention a tall drink of water with a lip ring? You were left guessing as to what Penny had planned and if Callen could get his act together to save his career. And their romance It was the prefect ending to a steamy, and romantic series. Get the complete series  here and have a warm winter!



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