Shadowhunters Winter Premiere

I am a huge Shadowhunters fan and decided to blog and watch at the same time. Here are my thoughts. The spoilers will be strictly from the first episode of season 2.

Wow, what a way to start the episode. I thought it was a dream or something because of all the transforming but I definitely like it better that Valentine tricked him with Clary.

So I have a question though, why make Clary’s hair so light and Jocelyn’s so dark? They are supposed to look almost exactly alike. Is this bothering anyone else? Don’t get me wrong, I like both shades and think they suit the actors, but they don’t look like mother and daughter in my opinion.

I love that Alec said that he and Jace are emotionally connected. It was almost as if he was channeling Jace’s behavior. The way he was screaming and taking his feelings out on everyone was textbook Jace. Maybe the writers are trying to draw into the parabati bound a bit deeper. I like that idea because it always fascinated me. Obviously, Alec and Jace have a connection because they grew up together, and Alec had a bit of a crush on him, but their connection is more than that. I’m eager to see what they plan to do with it besides simply tracking each other.

So, for us older watchers out there. Who is a fan of the new leader of the institute? In my mind, he is gorgeous and that accent is something that makes girls go weak at the knees. His name is Nick Sager and I hope he is around for more than one episode but IMDB only says one :(. On the other hand, he is a complete jerk in the show so that is a mark against him.

For those of us who read the books, it’s no surprise about the demon blood with Jace. However, it still hits you in the feels. This man risked his son and wife’s life for an experiment. Do you think it’s what makes Jace so strong? Maybe that’s what made Alex and Izzy strong too. Jace trained with them and everyone says that you learn from those you’re around. It would make sense to me that the fact that they’re stronger because of him.

I love Simon. The incanto scene is too funny…well it was before they locked him away in a boat shed. Alberto Rosende is a great actor and I’d say that he’s one of my favorites in the show. Not my favorite character, I’m a big Izzy fan. But that scene where he almost tells Clary how he feels. That crushes me. I am a big Jace/Clary fan, don’t get me wrong, but Simon needs to tell Clary how he feels so he can move on. For those of us who have read the books, we know who he moves on to and I love that relationship even more.


The Art of War isn’t on the reading list at Art School. My favorite line from the episode.

Maryse Maryse Maryse…she reminds me of Professor Umbridge. Yes, I did make that comparison. She is probably the worst mother on the planet. Jace is pretty much her son as well and she rejects him instantly. That does not give me any hope for her rejecting her own children. I mean, who is surprised by that really. She is halfway there with Izzy already. I think it’s time someone got a one way ticket back to Idris.

Oh, Hello Magnus Bane shirtless and doing what looks like magical yoga.


I’m glad that Alec came to him apologizing instead of walking in guns blazing. It was a touching moment between the two. And a good way to respond is lightly touching his jacket. As a romance author, I appreciate the little moments like that where a connection is shown. That connection that means more than a kiss or a hug. Sometimes, restraint is needed to show you care. Because that’s how Magnus feels. He cares for Alec. He doesn’t just want to bang him. Well, anyway, that’s how I’ve been interpreting it. I guess we can argue about that later and see how the show continues to portray it.

Well then there is Alec shirtless. The man candy is strong tonight, ladies.

Way to go Shadowhunters, you ruined pizza! No I’m just kidding. Anyone else think she didn’t kill her husband? I sense a set up. But more to that later, people are running around with crossbows.

Jocyln, I hope you know something we don’t since you just tried to shoot at your son. Book readers, we know the truth but watchers, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

What did you guys think now that the shadowhunters are back? Are you happy with it? Was your heart pounding fast as mine? I liked it and I’m excited for the rest of the season.



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