The Ultimate Outlander Book Quiz

We’ve done many quizzes, the last one being our Outlander Show Quiz, but now we’re going to cater to the book fans with some of the hardest questions we can muster! There are twenty questions, so put away your books, mark your answers carefully, and tally them up at the end to see if you’re a true Sassenach! Each correct answer is one point.

  1. 1457646754267.pngWho else sees the water horse at Loch Ness?
    1. Jamie
    2. Peter
    3. Geillis
    4. John
  2. kristen-wiig-gif-surprisesWhat gift did MacRannoch of Eldridge give to Claire?
    1. A pearl necklace
    2. A wolf skin
    3. A dragonfly in amber
    4. Passage to France
  3. ea4c4c4883a368955d3cf98e3bce71f5What did Jamie tell Claire was the “worst thing” that ever happened to him?
    1. The death of his older brother, William to sickness
    2. When he was beat on the bare ass, over Angus’s knee in front of a crowd
    3. The rape of his sister Jenny by Black Jack Randall
    4. When he thought Claire had been kidnapped by the English
  4. 61dc3bfa2d82bee8834bdec87444e82eWhat was Munro’s job before he was a beggar?
    1. A schoolmaster
    2. A trader of fine goods
    3. A smuggler
    4. A blacksmith
  5. stop_quoting_bible_claire_drag_murtagh_stage_thesearch.gifWho does Jamie’s pocket bible belong to?
    1. Black Jack Randall
    2. His sister Jenny
    3. Alexander MacGregor
    4. Fergus Fitzgibbons
  6. giphyWhat’s the name of the dangerous horse Hamish wants to ride?
    1. Donas
    2. Oillt
    3. Cunnart
    4. Fearachas
  7. Outlander 1x15 Witch I am gif.gifWhat natural plant is the best for soothing the cuts from a whip when chewed, then applied?
    1. Pine needles
    2. Dandelions
    3. Watercress
    4. Katniss
  8. ed49cfe91f2358b7ca3de58daa14647a8ad87014100e972c82e436ac3eec5cbd.gifWhat animal-themed nickname does Jamie give Claire?
    1. Black bird
    2. Sleek cat
    3. Brown mare
    4. White dove
  9. 6357761863592540441639349322_How+i+feel+as+the+first+sick+person_8062b2_4152844.jpgWhat malady does Claire think she suffers from?
    1. Breast cancer
    2. Wool allergy
    3. Infertility
    4. Gastroenteritis
  10. gisdcsphy.gifWho gave Claire her rosary?
    1. Colum
    2. Jamie
    3. Murtagh
    4. Geillis
  11. faeriehill.jpgWhen did Geillis come through the stones?
    1. 1962
    2. 1965
    3. 1963
    4. 1968
  12. 03-claire-and-angus-2-outlander-starz-tumblr.gifWhat language does Gwyllyn the bard sing in?
    1. French
    2. Gaelic
    3. Welsh
    4. German
  13. gif200Fill in the blank: When Frank and Claire are finished watching the “witches”, before she goes back in time, they start to get frisky. When he finds she isn’t wearing any underwear, he calls her “the most terrifyingly                    person” he has ever known.
    1. Alluring
    2. Sensual
    3. Practical
    4. Intelligent
  14. e5117c16fd71ccf715a76be9fc468f74.jpgWhat ring does Jamie give Claire on their wedding day?
    1. A red ruby set in gold
    2. A stone of jet in gold
    3. A silver band decorated with thistles
    4. A Silver band decorated with knots
  15. gipwdqwdhyWhat’s the name of the ship that Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh take to France?
    1. Arabella
    2. Frigate
    3. Patagonia
    4. Christabel
  16. professional-healer-and-alcohol-drinker-claire-fraser-born-in-england-made-in-the-highlands--c40bc.pngWhat was the name of Castle Leoch’s healer before Claire?
    1. Ian Duncan
    2. Paddy Malcom
    3. Davie Beaton
    4. George Randall
  17. 01-jamie-and-claire-3-outlander-starz-tumblr.gifWhich man was deemed the best with a dirk and took charge of instructing Claire how to use it?
    1. Murtagh
    2. Rupert
    3. Angus
    4. Dougal
  18. outlander-clare-staysWhat is the date of Jamie’s execution?
    1. December 23
    2. January 8
    3. December 13
    4. January 22
  19. tumblr_nc9yvcPPeO1qbhk3no5_r1_250.gifWhat finally made Dougal believe Claire wasn’t a British spy?
    1. She drank from St. Ninian’s spring
    2. She saved Jamie from Black Jack Randall
    3. She had a chance to kill Colum in his sleep and didn’t
    4. She tended to a wounded Dougal when she could have let him die
  20. tumblr_inline_nng7hh23AM1qb0kxc_540.jpgHow did Claire come to know that Geillis was from the future like her?
    1. She told her when they were waiting to be taken on trial as witches
    2. She had someone tell Claire the year she went through the stones
    3. She mentioned the radio in passing
    4. She had a smallpox vaccine scar

All Done! Now, are you ready to check your answers? Each right answer is worth 1 point. Scroll past the naked Scot to see how well you did!


2, 2, 2, 1, 3, 1, 3, 4, 3, 1, 4, 3, 3, 1, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 4

0-5 Points – You call yourself a reader?


6-14 Points – You’ve read the books, but might want another look!


15-20 Points – You’re an Outlander expert!


How did you do? Let us know! And check back next week for an all new Outlander Saturday post!

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