Ultimate Outlander Show Quiz

We often talk about how much we love Outlander, but how much do you know about it? We have created a harder show quiz for those of you experts out there. Answer the questions and then check your answers at the bottom to see how you did. Each correct answer earns you one point.

Season One Questions


  1. Why did Claire go back to the stones in episode one?
    1. To sketch a flower
    2. To pick a flower for medicinal purposes
    3. To investigate the stones
    4. Because she heard them buzzing but didn’t want to go near them while Frank was with her.
  2. maxresdefault Jamie initially goes by a different last name because he is a wanted man. What name is it?
    1. Macleod
    2. MacTavish
    3. MacKenzie
    4. FitzGibbons
  3. 57c16cc678686023dc86e552e9dc185cWho was The Skye Boat Song written about originally?
    1. The Real Jamie Fraser
    2. The Real Geillis Duncan
    3. The Real Bonnie Prince
    4. The Real Dougal MacKenziememe-sassenachsplash
  4. Claire heals a boy from possession because she realizes that he has been poisoned. What was he poisoned with?
    1. Hemlock
    2. Lily of the Valley
    3. Cyanide
    4. A Demon
  5. 35e29bccb04ffa7eb2b73fa51dc63670What was in the love potion that Claire gave to Laoghaire?
    1. Horse Dung
    2. Wood Lice
    3. A Sedative
    4. Whiskey
  6. tumblr_nc27uajpvu1sbre0jo5_r1_250What ailment does Ned Gowan suffer from?
    1. Indigestion
    2. Bowed Legs
    3. Asthma
    4. Syphilis
  7. outlander-season-1-weddingJamie tells Claire that she has the protection of his name, his clan, his family, and if necessary, what else does he promise her?
    1. The protection of his sword
    2. The protection of the MacKenzie warriors
    3. The protection of his body
    4. the protection of his hand index
  8. Where does Black Jack take Claire when he kidnaps her?
    1. Fort William
    2. Inverness, to the stocks
    3. Fort Thomas
    4. On the road back to England
  9. 200_sJamie was banished to Dougal’s house but Claire was told to stay, what reason did Collum give for their separation?
    1. He wanted her medicinal help
    2. He wanted her for himself
    3. He thought she was a spy
    4. He wanted her help to further the Jacobite cause
  10. 8c87bd7d698c8a9154042d62677ead51Jamie’s mom was given all sorts of presents from her suitors, the mention of one, helps to aid in Jamie’s rescue out of jail.
    1. A Corset
    2. A Pearl Necklace
    3. Ivory Bracelets
    4. Hair Ribbons

Below are the answers. Add them up when you finish the questions for season two to see if you’re a true Outlander show fan!


Season Two Questions

  1. latestWhere did cousin Jared go that enabled Jamie and Claire to take over his business?
    1. Back to Scotland to see family
    2. Touring the wineries of France
    3. Visiting the Indies to expand his business to spices
    4. Making new trade contacts in Italy200_s.gif
  2. Master Raymond’s sleep potion contains…
    1. Valerian and hops
    2. Nightshade and pigs blood
    3. Pine needles and lavender
    4. Lemon and rosehipstumblr_o67xzdmwmu1un0ky0o1_r1_500
  3. Claire fights with Jamie when he comes home from the whorehouse with…
    1. All of his money spent
    2. An STD
    3. Lipstick on his collar
    4. A hickey on his thighgiphy
  4. Who humiliated Black Jack Randall at Versailles?
    1. Claire when she calls him a rapist
    2. King Louis when he order him to kneel
    3. Jamie when he challenged him to a duel
    4. Mary Hawkins when she refuses his proposaloutlander
  5. Who gifted the dragonfly in amber to Claire?
    1. Hugh Monroe
    2. Murtagh
    3. Jamie
    4. Mary Hawkins19-outlander-dog-nocrop-w529-h375
  6. What is Mother Hildeguard’s dog’s name?
    1. Henri
    2. Bisou
    3. Heuruex
    4. Boutonimage6
  7. What is Alexander Randall dying of?
    1. Syphilis
    2. Tuberculosis
    3. Lung cancer
    4. Dysenterytumblr_oa2j2qkHLC1un0ky0o1_500.gif
  8. What proved to Brianna that her mother was telling the truth about traveling time?
    1. Claire showed Bree some historical documents only she knew the meaning of
    2. Geillis Duncan told Brianna she met Claire in the 1700’s
    3. Bri watched Geillis travel through the stones
    4. Roger found the Fraser family tree and showed Bri Jamie and Claire’s marriage certificateclaire_is_back
  9. What small thing convinces Reverend Wakefield that Claire may have told the truth about the stones, when she returns to her time?
    1. She tells him the names of all the Scots that fought in Culloden
    2. Her dress is verified as being from the 1700s
    3. She can tell him the movements of the Scottish troops that no one but a studied historian would know
    4. He sees someone else travel through the stonesgiphwqdqwdy.gif
  10. Who fathers the child of Louise de La Tour de Rohan?
    1. Charles Stuart
    2. Comte St. Germain
    3. King Louis XV
    4. Jules de Rohan

 Below are the answers to season two! Tally your score, add them with your score from season one to see what level Outlander fan you are!


0-5 Points – Do You Even Outlander?outlander-jamie-picnic-sad-face-1024x573

6-15 Points – You Know Your Way Around The Stones92097a4558d89fac0c42179c860bccd6

16-20 Points – Jamie Would Be Proud8c4b241deddb4242504c6ff6116252fd

How did you do? Are you a true show Sassenach or would the stones spit you right out? Let us know! And come back next week for more Outlander Saturday posts!

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