Seven Hours

We have another novella for you today and it is completely different from anything else we’ve read before. In Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted by Angelina Kerner, the main character is undergoing an experimental treatment to improve her life. She wants to be able to do what everyone else can, see.


Heat: ♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 3.5/6 Glass Slippers

Chanel is a regular college girl, except for one thing. She’s blind and walks with a cane. She was born like this so Chanel knows no difference, however, she longs for more. Especially now that her politician father is making some controversial decisions. The reporters are all looking to Chanel for her opinions, her insight, and of course, just trying to lash out at her.Danger strikes as one gets a little too close to her and hits her walking stick.

Horrified and scared for her well being, Chanel’s parents have hired a body guard,Leon. He feels strong, has an appealing voice, and a girlfriend. However, Chanel doesn’t want anyone to know that she needs help. So she tells her friends that Leon is her boyfriend.


As he and Chanel grow closer, they begin to learn more about each other. To include a secret that Chanel is not quite ready to share with the world and especially not the man who is always around.

One of the things I loved about this book is viewing the world through a blind woman’s “eyes.” She hears the car screeching around the corner and knows to rush across the street before the car hits her. Chanel learns to dance by feeling the music and having her body positioned the correct way. It was so interesting to dive into a different world. The twist at the end was great and I enjoyed it.

However, there were some grammatical errors and one or two continuity flaws. Also, Chanel was pretty nasty to her manicurist. The woman spent around half an hour trying to describe what the color orange was like and Chanel was pissed. I thought it was rude because to me, it looked like the manicurist was trying to connect with her and wanted to try and help. I thought it was a little weird that she was rude to this woman but when her friends did similar things, she didn’t get angry at them. Frankly, her friend Brigitte was almost completely unlikable. Chanel’s other friend, Mike, was lovable enough for the both of them though.

I think you should really consider giving this book a chance because of the unique perspective it offers. It’s different and still relatable.



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