The 12 Dares of Christmas

It’s officially the holiday season, as seen in our Outlander Gift Guide and our Fandom Gift Guide, but here’s the first Christmas book of the month, The 12 Dares of Christmas by Leigh W. Stuart.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Holiday Romance

Lauren Hall wants the simple things in life…a safe haven for abandoned animals, some holiday cheer, and for a hot guy to jump out of a cake for a crowd of knitting enthusiasts. Reasonable, right? Well, when her star finally shows, he’s one tall drink of ginger water with piercing green eyes. Lauren thinks he’s just the hunky stripper she hired, but that’s far from the truth.

When Gabe Nicholson was asked by Lauren’s brother Cooper to help her out, he thought he just needed to swing by a help with some charity cake. But when Lauren gives him some oil and questions his hip shaking skills, Gabe wonders what the hell he signed up for. But by the time he explains that he isn’t a stripper, it’s too late to back down and the knitting society is waiting.


Gabe’s routine is a show stopper and Lauren thinks she’s seen the last of the hot redhead. But when they’re both home for the holidays, without a home to go to, Cooper opens his to both of them. Close quarters heat up their week, as does a series of dares that bring them our of their shells. But both have lives, dreams, and jobs outside their bubble, which could pop by the end of the holidays.

This book was cute and basically what you would expect from a holiday romance novel, but with several spicy twists. It featured dual POV that helped to give you fun insight into both their motivations and attractions. One thing I really appreciated about this book is that it wasn’t the cut in dry “home for the holidays” trope where guy meets girl at a holiday party, they’re stuck in a cabin in the snow, and make sweet love by the fireplace and decide to get married. Yawn. When a novel opens with a strip scene, you know you’re in for a ride. So if you love ginger hardbodies with a good sense of humor, steamy scenes, and saving the animals, you can’t go wrong with a copy of The 12 Dares of Christmas.

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