Ultimate Fandom Gift Guide

As we said yesterday, when we posted the Outlander Gift Guide, the holidays are almost here and the time to order your presents are slowly coming to an end! So, we’ve giving you out ultimate fandom gift guide that isn’t full of the usual stuff, but some unique pieces we’ve pored over and hand selected. Unlike our Outlander post, we haven’t tried these products, and can’t vouch for the awesomeness like we could yesterday! Nonetheless, we think these things look rad and if they end up in your stocking, we’d love to hear about it!

♥Harry Potter♥

Butterbeer Lip Balm


Um, hello, how tasty does this all-natural lip balm look? At $3 for one or $10 for a 4 pack, it’s a total steal. Snag one here.

A Magical Starry Night


Love art and want to decorate your place with a subtle nod to Hogwarts? This Etsy print gives you a beautifully done piece that blends two worlds together. They come in many different sizes, so you can find one to fit your needs. Head here to get your own.

Harry Potter Candles


Ever wanted to step onto the quidditch field an take a big whiff? Or have a cup of tea with Hargrid and take in the scents of his magical creatures? Get a pack of themed candles here that will fill your home with some magical smells.

For the Healer


Know a doctor? Love a nurse? Have a cousin studying psychology? This store offers a St. Mungos mug that only Potterheads can appreciate. BTW, it comes in a few different colors.

Show Your Team Spirit


Who doesn’t love a good sports sweater? This shop has a line of Hogwarts hoodies to keep you cozy on the pitch. Fun fact: Kelsey is a Slytherin and Sarah is a Ravenclaw.

♥Gilmore Girls♥

Luke’s Coffee Mug


Get a reusable Luke’s Diner mug here as a subtle and functional nod to your favorite show.

Quote Bookmarks


Get a 4 pack of bookmarks for $6.53 here so you can keep your place when you’re going through books like Rory.

These BFF Mugs


Looking like they’re straight from the Dragonfly Inn, these mugs are just the thing to get you and your best friends; one for you and one for them! Grab a set here.

Themed Candles


Feel like you live in Stars Hollow all year with this four pack of candles. Each one represents a new season with a spread of delicious smells. Get yours at this shop today. BTW they come pre-wrapped, so you can give it right over, straight out of the mailbox.

This Dainty Necklace


Remind your love that you go where they go with this little necklace from this shop!

Bonus Fact: Sarah watched the new season and had a lot of thought. Read them here and watch them here!

♥Sailor Moon♥

Hair Bows


Be a Sailor Scout with these great accessories. With each only being $8, getting one for every day of the week is totally doable! Get one, or all six, here!



Channel your inner Sailor Moon and harness that power to get all your schoolwork done. for $5, you get get one here!

Sailor Scout Backpack


These mini backpacks are the epitome of versatile. Perfect for school or to use as a purse. Made to order, you can get your own here and show your planetary pride!

A Simple Keychain


This charming chain will keep all your keys in check, while not being over the top. Get one here, now! BTW, they come in a cute box, so the job of wrapping is already done!

THE Compact


What little girl didn’t want this cosmic compact? This shop has them!

♥Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them♥

This Laptop Case


Disguise your laptop as a Hogwarts textbook here and keep your tech cozy and safe.

Your Own Luggage


Look at this glorious phone case from this shop! You can even customize it with your name, so all the muggles know whose cellphone it is.

A Wise Necklace


Remind yourself to overlook the little stresses and take a deep breath with this little necklace. Starting at $12, this shop offers it in different metals, to suit every no-maj.

This Fantastic Ornament


Picture this fancy piece on your Christmas tree this year! At only $15, this store promises to make your holidays a bit more magical.

A Mini Niffler


Nifflers are known for finding treasure. Maybe this little one will give you luck! Order yours here in time for the holidays!

Bonus Facts: Sarah’s written two posts about this new movie! One without spoilers and one with allll the nitty gritty feelings!


Dean’s Box of Tricks


Be ready to hunt your pray with this handy mini kit. You can get yours from this shop and get ready for action

BFF Keychains


For $13, this shop is offering to let you get a little something for yourself and your partner in crime.

These Nail Decals


If you, or someone you love, likes to do their own nails, you can get a set of nail decals here for the low price of $4!

An Awesome Journal!


Handmade and full of blank pages, this notebook is perfect for the new year. Snag one here!

Castiel’s Grace Necklace


Look at this magical, glowing necklace! Get one from this shop soon, before they’re all gone.

♥Doctor Who♥

This Delicate Clip


A subtle nod to your obsession, this classy piece could be worn all day, at a wedding, out to dinner, or traveling as the new companion. Get yours here.

A Customizable Gallifreyan


Build your own Gallifreyan from the chain down from this shop now!

Dr. Who Key Chain


Gotta keep your keys together while you’re traveling time! Get one here!

For the Artsy Whovian


For some reason, watercolor makes everything prettier. This shop has tons of phone cases that highlight this classy print.

A Charm Bracelet


All these charms were carefully selected by this store for the Whovian in your life that loves some bling.

♥Game of Thrones♥

This Perfect Glass


Get this cup here and let everyone know what you’re the Hand of the Queen.

A Set of Mugs


For the Khal and Khalessi in your life, you can get a matching set of mugs with a romantic meeting. Order yours now here!

Your Own Winterfell


This ring is a beautiful homage to the King in the North. As this is made in Russia, you might have to order fast in time to get it. Check it out here!

This Classy Map


Want to decorate your pad like a true Westerosian? Look no further than this store.

For Your Tea Sipping Friend


For $9 you can have the perfect accessory for the person who binge watches GOT and enjoys a hot beverage. Make an order here!

♥Star Wars♥

A Millennium Falcon Mug


Look at the detail on this cup. It’s a perfect technical nod to Starwars without literally being a lightsaber…not that we don’t still want one of those! Get yours here.

Death Star Earrings


These little gems are made from laser cut wood. Order a set here for $9!

This Fun Decal


This Boba Fett laptop decal is a total steal at $3. I love when those little stickers really take advantage of the apple light and this store agrees.

Bff Necklaces


This store offers a chance for you and your friend to get a cute gift at a great price!

A Personalized Present


Let someone special know how much you care with this cute, personalized, key chain. Grab one here!

♥Middle Earth♥

A Vintage Map


Nothing better than a map from Tolkien’s design. This print comes in many sizes, so you can pick your own adventure.

A Traveling Token


Probably one of the most famous Tolkien book quote, what better place for this decal than your car, or that of an adventurous friend? Get one here and start wandering!

Hobbit Door Necklace


How adorable is this? When you open the door, there’s even a special surprise. For $6.24, this shop offers such a deal, I might even get one for myself.

A Candle Set


Geek Nest is on fire with these fandom candles! This LOTR package offers scents from Rivendell and the Shire, and a special Gandalf blend. Get the set here and split them up to give to three loved ones, or offer someone the whole package.

For Your Friend Who Loves to Drink


This shop offers a charming flask that’s a great deal at $23! You can get it in different finishes, and even in a gift pack.

♥Stranger Things♥

This Xmas Sweater


While it’s perfect for Christmas, true fans can rock this piece all year. Get one, of more, here.

Squad Goals Mug


This shop offers a fun mug with cute characters of the whole Stranger Things group. Btw, the other side says “Squad Goals”.

An Eleven Candle


Don’t worry, it smells less like a powerful child and more like a delicious breakfast. Get a kosher soy candle here.

♥Once Upon a Time♥

A Magical Keychain


Remind yourself of the rules in Storybrooke  with this cluster of themed charms. Grab one here for $10 and never lose your keys again!

A Real Locket


These cute lockets really open and have two slots for pictures! At only $8, this store helps you show your obsession in an adorable and miniature way.

Hook’s Rum Lip Balm


These all-natural lip balms are sure to please, and all orders come with a free sample of another product! That’s basically two gifts for the price of one. Order some here.

♥Hunger Games♥

Snowy Mug


President Snow was a terrible guy, but he’s got some awesome one liners. Snag this mug here.

This Dainty Arrow


For $8, you can get a delicate arrow here that Katniss would be proud to wear. Are you in a trio of friends? These would be perfect gifts for all of you.

Your Own Compass


Be as good at Katniss in the wilderness with this useful necklace. This shop will even add additional charms, if you’d want them.

A Ring Dish Fit for a Tribute


Put all of your District One jewels in this little dish. Like it? You get get yours here for $7.

A Phone Cover


Always have a reminder that we’re all rooting for you with a phone case from this etsy shop.

♥Vampire Diaries♥

Elena’s Necklace


Get your own medallion here with some lovely, and useful, vervain to stick inside. You can even get the back engraved!

Sarah and her cousins went to one of the Vampire Diaries conventions and they bought this. It’s very pretty in real life, the vervain smells good, and the chain was sturdy. We’d recommend it!

Vervain Elixar Soap


This vegan soap comes from this little shop that takes their good seriously. Good for the skin, calming, and keeps unwanted vampires away! Perfect gift for your favorite cousin.

A Masquerade Mask


Be ready for any masked ball with Damon with this delicate piece. For how sturdy and flawless it is, $15 if a steal! Get one here.

Bonus Fact: Did you know Sarah Went to meet the cast? Read about it here.

♥The Walking Dead♥

A Special Map


Call me a romantic, but this personalized Terminus map is an awesome gift for the newlyweds in your life. May we all find a love like Maggie and Glenn. Order one here.

This Mug


This shop has a sick sense of humor, but this quote makes sense. Get one for the Negan in your life.

This Steamy Cup


There are two people in this world; people that love Daryl and dirty liars. Get your honest loved ones this festive mug here for $14.

This Delicate Piece


Here’s a nice bangle to remind you to appreciate the little things…or to never turn your back on Carol. Get some here.

Saint Glenn


The loss of Glenn was a hard one, and this store understands that. Get a Saint Glenn candle for your saddest friend today.

Bonus Fact: Kelsey has a lot of feels regarding Glenn’s death. Sob along with her here.


This Magical Necklace

You guys, I’m in love. This dainty seashell glows in the dark, highlighting your mermaid power. Order some for the whole squad here!

Mermaid Makeup


Here’s a cute bag for all your mermaid beauty needs. Get one here for $12.

A Darling Notebook


A new year calls for a new notebook to make your grocery lists and appointments a little more whimsical. Get one for yourself, or for the mom in your life, here!

This Awesome Tank That Kelsey Owns!


This lovely little number is a keeper. Machine washable, Kelsey got it as a large for optimal comfort. A bit wide in the arm (on purpose), so she wears cute bras with it! Get one here and be her twin.

Ursula’s Necklace


This shop offers a necklace that’s perfect for your singing friend! Or the one who barters for souls. We don’t judge.


This Charming Keychain


Your fav fandom will help you never lose your keys again. It even comes with a 221B key! Get one here for your Watson.

A Delectable Candle


Ever wondered what Sherlock smelled like? Apparently like mahogany and leather. Get one here and bask in some British glory.

The Iconic Necklace


This shop has the perfect necklace for the Sherlock fan in your life. Dainty, delicate, and a steal at $7.

BFF Bangles


This store gives you a great way to showcase the love between you and your partner in crime!


Superman Laptop Sticker


How cool is it that his chest can be lit by your Mac apple? This store has Superman and a ton of other characters to please everyone on your list.

This Cute Bow


Look at this adorable homage to Arrow? This shop even offers different style, in case you want something a bit flashier!

BFF Necklaces


Is there an Ivy to your Harley? Let everyone know with these friendship necklaces. Order yours here!


Thor’s Hammer


Harness the power of the gods with a minimalist bracelet from this store.

This Strange Necklace


This Eye of Agamotto necklace is sure to please any Doctor Strange fan. Order one here!

For the Proud Parent in Your Life


This shop offers every mom and dad the chance to show their school pride!

We hope that gave you a little inspiration as you scramble to finish your holiday shopping! Obviously, there are many beloved shows, books, and movies that didn’t make the cut, but only because then this list would be endless! Now, remember that we posted a giveaway yesterday for a beautiful Outlander necklace, so hurry and enter before it’s too late!

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.


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