Whispers and the Roars

Busy day today in the world of our blog! The lovely K. Webster, the author of Mad Sea and Becoming Lady Thomas, has given us a new book to enjoy, Whispers and the Roars. Because of the sexual abuse in this book, I will not be giving it a heat rating, as we do our other romances.


Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Interracial Dark Drama

Kadence “Kady”  Marshall is broken. She’s been terribly, sexually, abused and is now almost a recluse. Everyone that tries to love her is pushed away, as she feels too dirty to allow them to come close, to see the cracks in her flimsy armor. As her ex Yeo Anderson returns to her life, she needs to decide what kind of life she wants to lead…and who she will be.

Yeo loved Kady and loves her still, even after 12 years of being broken up and living far away. He wants to fix her, and show her that not all men are out to hurt her. Yoe will do anything to show Kady that she’s worthy of love and kindness, even defying his father, who don’t think she’s good enough for his doctor son. But love and lust are complicated, just like Kady, and Yeo and Kady will need to learn to face their demons together, or part forever.


Wow. Just…wow. Based on the other K Webster books I read, I was expecting a light romance with some fun and a bit of action. But Whispers and the Roars is so much more. It’s a hard read. Not because of the words or style, but because it highlights abuse we see on the news, hear about in town gossip. The kind of gritty darkness that many family hush away and ignore. While I thought this book was excellently done, it is not for those who are uncomfortable reading about the sexual abuse of children.



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