The Braille Club Blog Tour

We’ve read, loved, and reviewed all of The Braille Club books by JA Kerr. Need a reminder? Here are all of our reviews of the books; The Braille Club, The Braille Club Unbound, The Braille Club Undone, and The Braille Club Reborn. I know they’ve already been posted, but if you want to test the waters of bondage, murder, lies, sensuality, and raw human emotion, then this series is the best place to start. There’s none of the ridiculousness of 50 Shads of Grey. It’s hot, thrilling, suspenseful, and deep.


So let’s take a little peak into the final book in The Braille Club series…


The Braille Club, where darkness, is not just blindfolds. Fanatical fantasies are coming to life with dangerous consequences. This is no longer a game but maliciously twisted pain. Pain that shows no mercy. Who will end up on top…and who has the most to lose?

Benedict and Siena Harrison want justice…

After the abduction of their children, they are shaken to their core. Harrison’s becomes their sanctuary…they won’t leave until the perpetrator is found. As the case picks up pace, the evidence points to one suspect.

Evan Radley is a modern-day bounty hunter with Nick Waters in his sights…

Tasked with following Waters, Evan realises how dangerous the man can be. When he receives a panicked call, he swings into action. This is a race against time—a matter of life or death. Will he get there in time?

Guy Walker’s relationship with Anna Dunbar is at the breaking point…

Consumed by the abduction investigation, Guy ignores the widening rift. Anna, no longer willing to compete with the case, takes matters into her own hands. Distracted and preoccupied they don’t see what’s coming.

Nick Waters planned the perfect crime…

His clever manipulation of the evidence has fooled the police—he is still at large. Consumed with hatred he strikes again. Will this be third time lucky?

The Braille Club Reborn is available at:









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