Chasing the Runaway Bride- Bliss Book 3

We love reading series books and today is no exception. We reviewed Chasing the Runaway Bride which is the third book in the Bliss Series book. If you are looking for a good series, then I’d recommend this one. Book 1 is Confessions of a Wedding Planner and it is one of my favorites right now. It is the story of a wedding planner, Veronica, who is in charge of planning her ex boyfriend’s wedding but the French best man is causing all sorts of trouble. Book 2 is a novella and the continuation of book 1, The Bachelor’s Proposal.

That all being said, Book 3, Chasing the Runaway Bride, is the story of Veronica’s business partner, Chase. I am going to try to not to include spoilers but they may be unavoidable. If you want to read this series, I’d recommend that you start from book 1 but I think the books can be read on their own. After reading book 1 and 2, I was completely in love with Chase and I was waiting impatiently for this book to come out.


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat: ♥♥♥♥♥

General Rating: 5.5/6 Glass Slippers

Chase has a past. While everyone has a past, Chase has a family, a life, a fortune, and an ex fiance that no one, including her best friend Veronica, knows about. She has spent several years reinventing herself and trying to work out what makes her happy. So far, her event planning business, her friends, and her motorcycle top the list. But then a sexy french guy walks into her life and chances everything. On top of her past, Chase also doesn’t believe in true love o hopeless romantics.

Alex is in the states to visit his brother and on the way, he runs into the formidable Chase. She is sexy, smart, and full of spunk. But she just seems to want a good time. However, with every kiss, Alex can’t help but fall more in love with her. That is until he finds out that Chase’s ex fiance has come back into the mix.

Now, Chase has to decide what kind of life she wants to live. Long ago she left home, left her family, left the love of her life, and left everything she knew. Now she has the chance to get all of that back. The only question is, does she actually want it? Or maybe she wants something else that is a bit more exotic.

First things first, Michelle Jo Quinn has some of the best covers I have ever seen. I love all of them and I am constantly taken aback. Let’s be honest, I really do judge a book by its cover. However, they are more than just a pretty face.


 One of the places that a lot of series books fail, is that the characters sound the same or they are stereotypes of different personalities. I didn’t feel that way about Chase. She is different from Veronica but she isn’t a stereotype of an overly ambitious woman or feminist. But she doesn’t take any crap from anyone and she owns her sexuality.

Alex…I love his job. He takes pictures from all over the world. It is what a lot of people would love to do. On top of that, he is a family man. He works alongside his grandmother in the fields of their vineyard as if he isn’t unbelievably wealthy on his own. He is basically a dream man with a set of abs to go with it.

The romance scenes are a bit more intense than in the first book. After all, Chase and Alex spend several nights curled up in his hotel room. But, it doesn’t cross the line to erotica and I don’t think it would make any romance lover uncomfortable. I liked the scenes and they were different than the scenes with Veronica and her man. This is truly something I value since so many authors have trouble creating different types or romantic situations. They were fun scenes and I fell in love with Chase all over again.

I enjoyed the story, and the characters immensely. Veronica’s story does continue in this book and I love when you get to continue to hear about characters you’ve connected with. I can’t wait to see what else Michelle Jo Quinn comes up with.



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