Meet Penelope

You’ve already met Drummond, the hot Scot star of The Amethyst Bride, so now it’s time to get acquainted with Penelope Elmsly.

Penelope Elmsly is getting rather old for a Victorian noble lady. She’s gone through two seasons without a husband, but not from lack of trying. Every time she brings home a moneyed duke or handsome earl, her picky mother always finds fault. Not to say she doesn’t get a lot of male attention. The only daughter of a baron, Penelope is considered classically beautiful and a true “English Rose”. She’s fair skinned with long white-blonde hair and cornflower eyes.


Spending her days shopping, playing the piano, and participating in other fine pursuits, she has readied herself to be the wife of a rich and noble man for her entire life. But she’s not all prim and proper all the time. When she begins to help a certain Scotsman write a book of music, she will sneak, connive, and break all rules of propriety. And the stakes get even higher when the nights spend working on music become nights spent in the arms of a man who could never be her husband. But, one day, Penelope will become The Amethyst Bride…even if it’s to a man she could never love.


Find out what else Kelsey is working on in her About page.



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