Fantastic Beasts- Spoilers 

Who wants to discuss Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? 

I hope that enough of you took your time during the weekend to go and see the movie. If you did, this is a great time to talk about it. I am eager to discuss with you the specifics of the movie. I already did a vague post about how much I loved the movie but let’s talk about what made it work and what we liked about it. 

First, I loved Jacob. I thought it was fun that they used a nomag (nonmagic folk, instead of a muggle). Other than the Dursely’s and torture for fun, there weren’t a lot of interactions between the muggles and the wizarding world. We got to experience the magical world through a newbie’s eyes. Frankly, it’s been a long time since I first experienced the world so I loved that. 

It was also interesting to me that he was able to remember so much after being obliviated. But wouldn’t this create a problem? If he is starting to remember, why aren’t more people? Is it because he was involved in a lot more magic than the others were? I’m not sure but it makes me worry about people discovering magic. In other words, if anyone slightly remembers the possibility of magic being used, it may have happened in real life and you are fighting the oblivate spell. 

Now, who saw Creedance as the bad guy? I thought that maybe he was a wizard and that he was trying to hide it from his “mom.” I really thought that Modesty was the obscurity because she was unbelievably creepy. So that was a fun twist for me. However, I was a little disappointed with the name, Obscurity. One of the things I liked about Rowling is that she is crazy creative. This name, not so creative and sounds like someone had too much fun with the thesaurus. Then again, few things can beat Diagon Alley. 

But back to Creedance. How did you feel about the meetings with Colin Farrell? I feel like these were unbelievably uncomfortable. I thought he was going to do something inappropriate or disturbing. I don’t think that Farrell handled these meetings well. That being said, I loved the way Miller played the character. You could feel the awkward, the hurt, and the frustration almost pouring out of him. It is definitely different than The Flash. 

How about that CGI? Those animals looked amazing! I absolutely loved the little green guy, Pickett. He was adorable and kept showing up throughout the movie. He reminded me a bit of baby Groot. The thunderbird was beautiful but the snakes, Occamey, were my favorite. They could fill any space or shrink to fill a small amount of space. They were beautiful too and I love that their eggs are so valuable. I’m sure Hagrid would have loved one. What was your favorite? 

Did it bother anyone else that Queenie had a New York accent but her sister didn’t? That confused me. 

How did you guys like Johnny Depp showing up at the end? That totally took me by surprise. In all the previews, I was made to think Farrell was the good guy. It was perfect marketing because I was not expecting to see him as a bad guy. Changing into Grindewall was so perfect. I can’t wait to see how he breaks out of the prison in New York. Let’s just hope it’s a bit more secure than Azcaban. 

What are your thoughts on the movie? 


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