Quiz: What Would You Do In 18th Century Scotland?

So, you’ve packed up all you clothes, learned the language, read up on the legends, and got your man. But what about when you travel through the stones and get there? What kind of life will you lead? Answer these questions, tally up the scores, and find out what “job” your past holds. And, donna fash, this is a spoiler-less post!


  • You are able to buy a small business. What do you do?
    • Hire someone else to manage it. You can’t busy yourself with trivial manners. Sit back and let the checks roll in. – 20 points
    • Throw yourself into your work. This is your baby! – 30 points
    • Sell it as soon as possible. You don’t want to be tied down in one place. – 40 points
    • Use it as a front for your real business.Wink Wink. – 10 points


  • How are you in the kitchen?
    • I can feed myself. – 40 points
    • Some might say that my dishes are quite delicious. – 30 points
    • Why? Care to sample my sweetmeats? – 10 points
    • The house would burn down and we would all perish in the subsequent fire. – 20 points


  • Someone’s been in an accident and you’re the only witness. What do you do?
    • Rush to the scene and do your best to help them. – 30 points
    • Call for more assistance. You’re not qualified for this! – 40 points
    • Is there blood? No thank you. These pants are dry clean only. – 20 points
    • Run away! You don’t want anything to do with it. – 10 points


  • How do you spend your day off?
    • At the gym, getting ripped. – 40 points
    • Lazing about in bed. Work is exhausting. – 10 points
    • Going out with my friends. – 20 points
    • Reading. I have a whole stack of books to finish. – 30 points


  • What’s your ideal first date?
    • Netflix and Chill. – 10 points
    • Rock climbing or paintball. 40 points
    • Going to a museum. – 30 points
    • Dinner and a show. – 20 points


  • How do you do with change?
    • I hate it. Things should be just as they were. – 20 points
    • With the right perks, I’m fine with anything. – 10 points
    • I go with the flow well enough. – 30 points
    • I change when change is needed. – 40 points


  • What is your dream house like?
    • A nice apartment in the heart of the city – 10 points
    • A country home with lots of land. – 40 points
    • A modern house with plenty of bedrooms. – 20 points
    • A cozy cottage with a nice garden. – 30 points.


  • Where would you love to travel to?
    • Japan. – 40 points
    • Paris. – 10 points
    • The Maldives. – 20 points
    • Greece. – 30 points


All done! Tally up your numbers and see what you might be up to once you go through the stones. But don’t worry, while we know you can’t change the future, you might at least be able to change your job.

80-130 Points-A Prostitute


You want to just relax in the brothel with your friends and have rich guys buy fancy French dildos from you. No shame in that game for a hot young thing like yourself! Just think, the king may even come to call, and you know he tips the best!

140-210 Points-Lord or Lady of the manor


You’re not used to getting your hands dirty, nor will you, when there are plenty of peasants to order about. And there’s another bright side to being of royal blood…there’s one Laird of Lallybrock who might come to tea…or someone might poison you for your riches…cheers!

220-290 Points-The Healer


You like to take manners into your own hands, not always trusting others to do things for you. People trust you, rely on you, and come to you when they need help. While some people might crack under the pressure, you take it all in stride. Of course it always helps to have a hot Scot by your side! Or you might be burned as a with.

300-340 Points-A Warrior


First on the scene, you’re always in the thick of it. Your bravery serves you well, although you’re often over your head. Still, with the Frasers by your side, you can’t go wrong! So make sure you pack a dirk before going on your travels.

Did you get the job you wanted? Let us know in the comments and come back next week for more Outlander goodness!

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