Isle of the Blessed

This afternoon I have a fun little novel titled Isle of the Blessed by Suzan Tisdale. As always, this historical Scottish romance was everything I needed it to be and more.


Heat Level:♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Historical Romance

This tale begins many years ago when a soldier dies in combat, leaving a sword hidden as a last love letter to his wife Theodosia. Decades later, the sword is passed through generations, finally coming to a young girl named Josephine, or Joie, upon the death of her mother. She is sword to never speak of the blade to anyone, only giving it to her true love. It’s a task easier said than done when Joie is abused by her father and brother Helmert.

Graeme hasn’t been home to Scotland in years, but is called back when his father commands him to marry Josephine. While Graeme remembers her as a slight girl who was often in hiding from her brother, nothing like the worldly woman with vast intellect he dreamed of. So he shirked his betrothal duties, only getting the sense knocked into him by his older brother, who was angered with the way Joie had been treated, along with her friend Laurin, who had been sexually abused by Helmert and his friends. At first, Graeme isn’t concerned with the tales he heard about Helmert’s cruelty, but once he sees it for himself, he finally understands everything. He feels terrible at not coming to collect Joie sooner


Soon, Joie and Laurin are on their way to their new lives with Graeme. But there’s still the question of the hidden sword. While Graeme may have grown into a handsome and noble man, Joie still isn’t sure if she can trust him, or if he’ll ever be worthy of the legendary blade. And what of Helmert and his band of lackeys?

As always, I was completely in love with Tisdale’s book. You hated Helmert, your heart broke for Joie and Laurin, and you questioned Graeme and his plans. Honestly, you can never go wrong with any of Tisdale’s book, and this was no exception. There’s much more to the story than the little taste I just gave you, so I implore you to go pick up a copy of Isle of the Blessed and see for yourself.



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