Peace in the Storm

Peace in the Storm is a second chance romance novel from an author named Seven Steps.


Heat Level: ♥

Overall Rating: 3/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Wholesome Interracial Romance

The book opens with Lisa turning down a marriage proposal from Henry before their family and friends. On paper, Henry is the bees knees; handsome, well-off, caring, supportive, everything you would want in a life partner. Except, Lisa isn’t in love with him. She’s still nursing the emotional wounds infliction upon her by her ex husband, Chase. In an effort to regain her happiness, Lisa goes on  vacation to Jamaica with her best friend Trish, hoping it will erase the pain of past few years of her life. Chase has been forced on vacation to Jamaica, something that the business mogul despises. But he thinks that his trip might get a bit more interesting when his ex wife Lisa walks into his life again and they’re forced to work together in order to save their lives. Talk about an awkward vacation.


I wanted to enjoy this book, and I mostly did, but there were just too many issues. First of all, Lisa is hugely successful in her personal life and has pushed away two attractive, rich, and caring men away for seemingly little reason. Her negative attitude made me wonder what these men saw in her personality. But, maybe disliking her is what makes it a “real” romance. However, the read was quick and the storyline largely very enjoyable.



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