Murtagh-The Man, The Myth, The Legend

After last weeks post, What Outlander Man Is Your Perfect Match, quite a few people commented asking how Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser didn’t make the cut. And, you know what, Murtagh deserves to make the cut. He’s strong, loyal, has a great sense of humor, funny, and trusting. He follows his godson Jamie to hell and back, even when he knows it’s a lost cause.

So, let’s raise a glass of whiskey to Murtagh, the most loyal of the Fraser clan and revisit some of his finest moment.

Now, I’ll be including some Murtagh spoilers that the book readers will already know, so if you’ve only watched a few episode of the show on Starz and can’t stomach the thought of some “new” info, head back to our Outlander Saturday page for some spoiler-free Outlander Goodness!

He loves Jamie more than life itself


Murtagh has cared for Jamie since the moment he was born. Murtagh once wanted to Marry Ellen, Jamie’s mother, but when Ellen married Jamie’s father Brian, Murtagh was happy to honor his love by keeping her son safe. More times than I can count (maybe you have?) Murtagh has drawn blade to protect Jamie, tons of times in Scotland, and some more in France, even taking on a boatload of the Comte St. Germain’s sailors when Jamie pretended to be ill. He made a vow to the love of his life and he carried it to his very last breath.

He saved Claire from Black Jack…then bopped that shrieking Sassenach on the head


When we first met Murtagh, he had saved Claire from being raped. As she was disoriended, scared shitless, and thrown back in time where a guy that looked and spoke like her husband just slapped the silly right out of her, she just wouldn’t stop yelling. And what does our man Murtagh do it keep Claire safe from the redcoats? Gives her a love tap with the hilt of a knife, sending her to Lala Land and allowing the band to make a quick, and quiet, escape.

He is a great wedding planner


When it came time for Jamie and Claire to tie the knot, it was Murtagh to the rescue. As we all know, Jamie is a gentleman and wanted his quickie wedding to be the best it could. He’s the one the acquires Claire’s wedding dress, makes sure her hungover ass is [presentable for the ceremony, stands in as a witness to the glorious event, and even gives some delicate advice to Jamie as to the joys of the marriage bed. Talk about a best man.

He is nothing but trustworthy


If you open the dictionary to “trust”, you’ll see a picture of Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser. Well, not really, but I suppose we should write an email to Merriam-Webster to fix that little issue. Anyways, he’s the most steady Scot in the world, a man who will always keep your secrets and has shown that time and time again. For example, who grabbed their things, including Claire’s medicine bag from Castle Leoch, when she and Jamie were on the run after she was accused of witchcraft? Murtagh. Who is one of the only people in the world fully trusted with Claire being a time traveler? Murtagh. Who helps Jamie and Claire escape to France and goes with them? Mother effin’ Murtagh.

He always trusted and cared for Claire as a true Fraser


From the moment he bopped her on the head, Murtagh had a soft spot for Claire. When everyone else thought she was a mad prostitute on the loose, Murtagh believed her that she was just a lost woman. And it only went on from there. He protected her in Scotland, and even more in France, putting his life on the line to save her from slander and physical harm. While he does this in honor of his godson, I also think that he does it because Claire reminds him of Ellen. He tells Jamie that Ellen had such a sweet smile, and Claire does as well.

He can appreciate other cultures


Murtagh might be a little rough around the edges, but I think we all loved reading, and seeing, him in France. Sure, he had a nice jacket and went to some fancy parties, but he’s always the same old Murtagh. He took many interests in Fance, particularly following Claire and taking in the views…of the local…mountains. No matter what Mr. and Mrs. Fraser was going through, it was nice to see that some things never changed.

He’s full of jokes


Murtagh is one serious guy, but he also knows how to lighten the mood. If he sees something funny, he’s going to let you know. Some of his favorite quips:

  • When Jamie was slow to the door after his wedding: “Has my knock grown so feeble, or have yer marriage duties made ye sluggish, eh?”
  • On fighting women: “I still say the only good weapon for a woman is poison.”
  • When Mrs. Fitz tells him he smells like shit: “Give us a kiss, then.”
  • When he first rescues Claire from Black Jack and is asked where he found her: “At the foot o’ Craigh na Dun. She was havin’ words with a certain captain of dragoons wi’ whom I chanced to be acquent’.”
  • On ridding yourself of pubic lice…but not really: “Weel, verra simple.Ye take your dirk, lift your plaidie, and shave off half the hairs on your crutch…Then, laddie, ye set the other half on fire, and when the beasties rush out, ye spear them wi’ your dirk.”

When he paid his debt


 If there’s one thing that’s true about Murtagh, it’s that he makes sure no one fucks with the Frasers. When he was knocked out and Mary and Claire was attacked, he was so distraught, he begged Jamie to end his life as punishment. When that didn’t pan out, he just kills and beheads the Duke of Sandringham to show them he will always go above and beyond the call of duty. Can you say that about your cousins?

 He is loyal to the very end


 When he told Jamie that he goes wherever his godson leads, he meant it. From the hills of Scotland, across the English Channel, into the streets and Paris, and back to Scotland and into the Battle of Culloden. He will follow Jamie until the bitter end. Even his final words comfort Jamie and his last thoughts are only to ease his laird’s mind, “Dinna be afraid, a bhalaich. It doesna hurt a bit to die.” <Insert raking sobs of sadness for the loss of a pure soul who was too good for this world>.

So, those are some of the reasons Murtagh is a perfect man, worthy of all good things. Do you have a favorite Murtagh moment? We’d love to know.

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5 thoughts on “Murtagh-The Man, The Myth, The Legend

  1. Beth Ely says:

    One of my favorites is at the palace and Analise is taking Jamie to the king and Claire says “Murtagh your going with him? And Murtagh says “where are going?” Claire says” to see the King dress!” and he replies “Aye wouldn’t want to miss that would we?”

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