Surviving Regret

This afternoon we have a new book by a USA Today Bestselling Author from my home state, New Jersey. Surviving Regret is by Megan Smith, the author of a dozen more novellas and full-length works.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 3/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: New Adult Romance

Macy and Landon are high school sweethearts with their whole lives before them. They plan on going to the same college and allowing their relationship to grow. It seems like an all-American life until one fatal mistake leaves the couple, and their friends, reeling. They all grieve differently, and Landon does something that breaks him and Macy up, just before high school graduation. But tuition is paid and they end up still going to the same college. Can Landon heal the rift he caused? Would Macy ever forgive him? Or are they destined to be nothing more than strangers as they enter into a new world?


The plot was good, the romance sweet, but the writing sounded a little young for my taste, like it didn’t fit the characters. I suppose since the “USA Today”thing was right on the cover, I was really looking to be blown away by emotion and the level of writing. Unfortunately, there were errors and awkward phrases that really surprised me and I was disappointed in the overall quality. As this is the only book by Smith I’ve read, I’ll keep an open mind towards the rest she’s published in the future.



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