Jes Married

As you know, we’re new to the world of product reviews and really want to introduce you to some small shops run by lovely people. Just think, with the holidays right around the corner, we may show you something to add to your wish list. Today, we have a lovely little shop to feature called JesMarried, headed by a wonderful lady named Jessica.


Jessica specializes in adorable custom wedding drawing that we, now, are personal fans of. You can order a selection of delicate cupcakes, in any flavor you dream, for the bride who looks back on her strawberry chocolate chip wedding cake with fondness, for the baker in your life, or just as an adorable little accessory fit in any snug kitchen or cozy bedroom. Just see what Jessica sent us from her cute little workshop.

And below are closeups of what we received!

But Jessica doesn’t just draw tasty confections, she does her fair share of adorable wedding parties. Shown from the back, you can request to see you and your main ladies drawn up on a perfectly sized keepsake, colored to your specifications. As you’ve probably seen around, “proposing” to your bridesmaids is all the rage. She offers some that are just the thing to invite your BFFs to stand beside you on your big day. As with most businesses, it started with a idea. For Jessica, it was a picture from her own wedding of her and her bridesmaids that she decided to recreate.


Her girls were so pleased,  Jessica decided to branch out into giving other women their dream portraits. Below are just a few samples of what you can get!

Now, we didn’t know what to expect when we set up the product review, and Jessica surprised us with a pair of amazing, personalized, pictures that she sneakily snatched from our Instagram page!

She turned our bromance moment into a lovely piece that both of us are very excited for. The extra touch made us feel particularly special, as it’s a slight deviation from her usual stock, something we’re both very grateful for.


Looking lovely beside Kelsey’s dino ring dish!

As far as shipping goes. there’s no fear of your new pics being squashed by a wayward mailman or being crumpled in the mailbox. Our products were immaculately shipped; all the pictures were in a padded envelope, supported by a sheet of cardboard. An added plus? The envelopes were gold. I’m not sure our mailboxes have ever been so fancy.

Overall, we give JesMarried 6/6 Glass Slippers in all categories; shipping, quality, adorableness, inventiveness, and personalization. We highly recommend this shop to, well, anyone who loves art, baking, cupcakes, items with a vintage look, being made into a cute cartoon, brides, bridesmaids, best friends, and basically anyone else in the world who loves adorable things and quality work.

I mean, how adorable are the cupcakes framed on Sarah’s table? Perfectly tasty. And on Kelsey’s mantle, beside the tiny version? Another delicious addition.

Take a look at Jessica’s products on Etsy here and see if you can find something you’ll love to give as a gift, or add to your own personal collection.Find JesMarried on Instagram here, or just search the store’s name to see what Jessica is working on.

Do you have a small shop and would like to be featured? Visit our Contact page and let us know how we can help boost your business.


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