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Quiz: Which Outlander Man is Your Perfect Match?

Everyone thinks that Jamie is perfect for them but how would you two actually get along? Could there be someone better suited for you? Maybe Frank or Dougal? Let’s find out.

  1. How would you like to spend your honeymoon?

A. Seeing the sights during the day and making love at night -1 point

B. Climbing mountains, taking hikes, and making love under the stars -3 points

C. A secluded cabin where you can walk around naked and spend the days pleasuring each other- 2 points

2. You two are having a huge fight. What caused it?

A. He was acting jealous unnecessarily- 1 points

B. He is too focused on his work- 3 points

C. He handled a family problem without discussing it with you- 2 points


3. Where do you see your relationship in five years?

A. You’re surrounded by children and you both work modest jobs that give you plenty of time for family- 2 points

B. You are both in successful jobs with one child that you spoil- 1 point

C. He is an influential politician and you support his causes while maintaining a career in the arts-  3 points

4. How would you describe your lovemaking?

A. It’s like West Virginia, ‘Wild and Wonderful’- 3 points

B.It’s beautiful and loving- 2 points

C. It’s not everyday, but when you do get together, you make up for it twice over- 1 point

5. What kind of car does he drive?

A.  Toyota Prius- 1 point

B. Toyota Highlander- 2 points

C. Toyota Tundra- 3 points


6. What kind of house do you live in?

A. A beautiful Tudor with lots of history and character- 1 point

B. A country home that has no neighbors and a long rock driveway- 2 points

C. A dramatic mansion bought with family money – 3 points

7. How do you get along with your in laws?

A. They try to tell my husband how to live and constantly undermine me – 2 points

B. They’re alright but one of them gets a little bossy which can frustrate me- 3 points

C. They are unbelievably nasty- 1 point

8. It’s your birthday. What does he get you?

A. A lovely and ostentatious piece of jewelry – 3 points

B. A first edition of your favorite classic novel- 1 point

C. A family heirloom with a heartfelt card- 2 points


9. How do you celebrate your ten year anniversary?

A. You travel to a far off place together- 1 point

B. He makes you a homemade dinner and you spend the night reconsumating your marriage- 2 points

C. He takes you to a fabulous dinner and treats you like a Queen- 3 points

10. Where did you two meet

A. While walking your dog- 2 points

B. At school- 1 point

C. At the gym or while out on a run- 3 points

Add up all your answers and see who your soulmate is. Don’t like your answer, then take it again.


Frank Randall


You and Frank have intense and philosophic conversations while laying naked on a bareskin rug in front of a fireplace. Your home is filled with books, love, and frames filled with your accomplishments. It is a comfortable life with one child. That child is the light of your life and you and Frank spend your time trying to ensure that your baby’s life is as successful and loving as your own.


James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser


The two of you care for each other deeply and he reminds you how he feels on a daily basis. You never get tired of each other’s company and prefer to spend time together. You live a modest life filled with children, a modest home, and tons of love. One day, when it’s time for it all to end, you will die in each other’s arms.


Dougal Mackenzie


You have found yourself a man’s man. He takes car of you financially, emotionally, and sexually. He does like things to go his way and that can cause problems. However, you certainly know how to make up. Though he doesn’t share his feelings for you everyday, he does manage to surprise you with beautiful presents. They are his way of reminding you that you’re constantly on his mind.

Who did you get? Kelsey got Jamie and Sarah got Dougal #hotgrandpa

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11 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Outlander Man is Your Perfect Match?”

  1. Thank God, Bride and Michael I got Jamie! Wondered if it might have been Dougal….find him quite appealing but not as much as Jamie!!! Aah well now❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dougal in a “bad boy” kind of way- Jamie for love, to be cherished, for life and forever ! Both of course can make one a little weak behind the knees but in different ways!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right, it’s like the game where you decide who you’d sleep with, who you’d kill, and who you’d marry. I’d let Dougal show me a thing or two or ten in the bedroom but I’d marry Jamie and then use my new tricks on him


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