Discounted and Free Scary Reads

I absolutely love Halloween but I feel like I get a Halloween hangover. I’m never ready for it to be over. So, for those people who still want a little chill in their lives, we have some discounted and free Halloween reads.



Omen Operation– An outbreak book staring Brooklyn, a high school girl being trained to fight the infected. She and her cabinmate Dawson soon find out that there is more to the world than just their training center. So they have to fight for love, freedom, and most importantly… their own lives. It is book one in The Isolation Series by Taylor Barton.

Have You Seen This Girl– Wendi was kidnapped and drugged until she finally broke free. However, now she is addicted to the very drugs she was once force fed. Too proud to go home and too scared to go back, she hops a bus hoping to leave the memories behind. But eight years later, she’s back and determined to find the source of her nightmares. It is book 1 in the Flocksdale Files Book Series by Carissa Lynch.

Cheerleading Can Be Murder– Everyone always thinks that the cheerleaders have it so easy. But what happens when making the squad is actually a matter of life and death? Dakota tries to ignore the harassment and threats that follow as the coveted few spots of the squad are slowly taken. But will her effort be enough or will someone ensure she never cheers again? It is book one in the Horror High Book Series. We reviewed this in case you want to read the review. Just a hint, Kelsey loved it! Click here to see the review. It is also by Carissa Lynch.

Seer– This is book 3 in the series, but book 1, Seeker, is only .99 cents so its worth the series. In it, a girl Ally has visions and she may hold the key to an ancient mystery. Jack enters her life, a troubled kid just trying to graduate and move on, is desperately trying to avoid the feisty redhead and her visions. But she keeps pulling him back in. It isn’t long before someone’s life is at risk. Will they be able to work together to protect the innocent, or will their battle of wills cost someone their future? This book is by Amy Reece.


.99 Cents 

My Soul to Keep– We did not review this book because it is about a 13 year old, but I know the author and she is amazing. We’ve all heard the prayer/nursery rhyme “Now I lay me down to sleep” but what happens when your soul may actually be taken? Skye has always felt a connection with the dead and soon finds that there is a group at her boarding school filled with people just like her. However, the spirits they are connecting with, aren’t always nice. What lie beyond life…death! This is by Jackie Sonnenberg.

Sacrificed– My girl Nykki Mills is having a sale and you have to check out her books. Sacrificed is about the popular girl realized that everything she thought she knew is about to change. 16 year old Kass is now seeing the ghost of a small child and weird things begin to happen. With the help of the cute but mysterious boy next door named Ian, Kass must find out about her past to try and protect her future. But what happens when her past, is exactly what’s coming back to haunt her? Click here for the review.

Cursed– Cursed by Nykki Mills is a spin off of the book Sacrificed. It stars, Gina, Ian’s cousin. She can see and talk to ghosts. Frankly, she finds it annoying most of the time. That is until someone is dead and Gina is being blamed. Will the ghosts help her find the real killer or will they force her to take the blame? There are not one, but two, sexy boys in this book. Click here for the review. We also “interviewed” Gina. Click here to learn more about her.

Into the Fire– Cara is a descendant from the Phoenix bird and will have to die on her 17th birthday. But don’t worry! She will rise again from the ashes unable to remember anything from her past life. There is just one problem with this plan…she is in love with Logan and desperately doesn’t want to forget him. However, he is bringing out her Phoenix qualities. The very qualities that will draw the Phoenix hunter straight to her. She will die without him but she just may die with him too. This is by Kelly Hashway and is book 1 in the Into the Fire Trilogy.

Nurse Blood– We also reviewed this book a while back. Sonya searches the bar scene for the perfect man. Her intentions aren’t honorable but they certainly differ from all the other’s in the bar. She lures the man to a hotel room and knocks him out. Why? Because she is part of a team that harvest organs for a profit. But when a big score comes up, will the team fall apart or rise to the occasion.This is by Rebecca Besser. Click here for the review.

Dark Legends Box Set– This is the deal of the post! This box set has twenty full length urban fantasy and paranormal romances. It should keep you company until you’re in the mood for a Christmas box set. It contains books by New York Times, USA Today, and International bestsellers. I’m sure you’ll find something, or several things, to fill your Halloween fix.

13: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction– We have another box set as a great deal for you all. There are 13 dark tales to leave you up at night. Into magical creatures, thrillers, mermaids, magic, and other stories that teeter on the dark side, then this set is perfect for you. 13 is historically an unlucky number but this set may just make your day.


What is your favorite book to read around Halloween?


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