An Outlandish Home

So you’ve got your Claire outfits on, you’re all jeweled out, and you’ve gone shopping for some historical romances and books. But what about your poor, neglected home with it’s modern appliances and lack of hot men in kilts? I’m here today with a little list of tasteful home goods that will add a splash of bonny Fraser Scotland into any home.

Teensy Standing Stones


Okay, I may have just bought eight of these little beauties. Every globe has a miniature Craigh Na Dun inside that will bring a bit of magical cheer to your Christmas tree this holiday season. At $7.50 each, they’re wonderfully priced and a great stocking stuffer that you can get here. Or, you can get it without the ribbon as a lovely tabletop piece that’s a great conversation starter about your favorite book series without having to pull out your life size Sam Heughan cardboard cutout…unless that’s your thing.

Elegant Wall Decals


“Then let amorous kisses dwell/On our lips, begin to tell/a thousand and a hundred score/a hundred and a thousand more”, a classical poem Jamie recites to Claire, would look lovely over your bed as a musical way to tie in the series. This particular Etsy shop also makes decals with such wonderful phrases as “There’s two of us now” and “To bed? Or to Sleep?”, making is a lovely gift for the newly wedded Sassenach in your life.

The Laird Smells Like…Lemons?


Here’s some fancy soap that has hints of tobacco, Italian Bergamont, amber, Sicilian lemon, and a splash of musk. It’s supposed to smell just like our favorite Fraser and might be just the gift to give to your own modern man. All the fun of smelling like Jamie with the added bonus of daily showers. Bliss.

More Musk?


Still not totally sure what “musk” smells like, but if that’s what Jamie reeks of, I’ll take a candle for myself! At about the same price as a Yankee Candle, this JAMMF one is quite the item. Imagine lighting this little beauty and switching on Outlander when season three comes? Throw in some whiskey and you’re set to go. Speaking of whiskey…

A Wee Dram


The glass on the right is perfect for a bit of the hard stuff after a hard day outsmarting Red Coats. But if coffee is your thing, that traveler’s mug knows what you need and how hot you like it. Grab some glasses of your own here. You deserve it, Lady Broch Tuarach.

A Drink Accessory


And when your guests come for a pint, you can keep your tabletops clear with lovely coasters that are just a little nod to your obsession. Since they’re elegant and streamlined, lacking a shirtless Scot, they’re perfectly acceptable in any situation.

Something Scottish for Your Walls


For another subtle touch, maybe this wall art is more your style. Handmade, it says “We are bound, you and I, and nothing on this earth shall part me from you”, a lovely little quip from Dragonfly in Amber. It’s simple enough to fit in any home.

Rest Your Head in Lollybroch


At first glance, this pillowpillow is nothing more than an innocent map of Scotland. But as your guests compliment you on your worldly decor, you’ll know it’s really just a road map of all the places you’ll visit when you hop back in time.

A Cozy Place for Books


What about your Outlander book series? Don’t fret, readers, because this shop makes bookends fit for all of Diana Gabaldon’s works. One reads “Je Suis Prest” with a thistle and the other says “Dinna Fash, Sassenach” with a dragonfly.

Don’t Forget Your Car


Want to spice up your vehicle with something other than the “Sassenach” decal? Get this one instead! Featuring the stag and motto of the Fraser clan, it’s a different way to show you pride while on the go.

Wee Frasers


You can get your own living, thriving piece of Outlander with this terrarium, which features a mini Jamie and Claire. It’s the prefect substitution for your office fern or that boring little basil plane you bought at the grocery store that always seems to be all wilty. You’ll be sure to care for this little plot to give Jamie and Claire a happy home.


We hope you found a bit of Fraser Flare for your own home. Do you already own any Outlander themed household items? Let us know! And be sure to check in every weekend for all new Outlander Saturday posts.

PS. If you own a small shop or business and would like to be featured, please let us know on our Contact page. We’d love to share your product with our 10,000 weekly views!

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