Amber Alert

Today I have something darker for you, something a little scarier than before. The reason it’s so frightening? Because it can happen to any of us. So, I introduce to you Amber Alert by Sara Schoen the first book in the Amber Alert Series. Another short note before I begin; this book deals with graphic sexual abuse and will not be included in our regular “Heat Level” scale, as the scale is only intended for consensual parties, not forceful situations.


Overall Rating: 3/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Thriller and Suspense

Anna is just another teenager living an average American life. That is until she is kidnapped in broad daylight by a madman named Steve, who kills Anna’s boyfriend in the process. She’s made a prisoner in a boarded up home where another captive also resides, Steve’s son Garrett, who hasn’t left the house in years and fears his father’s abuse. Anna wants nothing more than to escape and evade the fate that befell a dozen girls before her, but Steve has other plans for her, plans that make her wish she were dead. Will Anna follow the “Good Housewife Rules” and escape or will she find herself just another name on Steve’s growing body count?


This book will make your skin crawl with the realism of some of the situations Anna find herself forced into. I struggle to call it a “good” book, only because it’s strange to praise some of the situations in the novel. But, that’s just what it is; a pretty good book. The creepy vibes that come off the page are meant to make you uncomfortable, sad, distressed, hopeful…the ability to put those feelings into words is just a testament to Schoen’s work.

What I didn’t like were the numerous punctuation mistakes in this piece. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been editing a fair amount lately for other authors and am now conditioned to see them, but the missing commas were definitely annoying to me, but might not be to others. The overall voice of the book was also very young. I actually found myself confused at how old Anna was Supposed to be. There were also just too many crazily unbelievable twists and turns! Every time you thought it was over, something else completely outlandish happened. By the 5th twist, I was rolling my eyes. Overall, I enjoyed the beginning of the book and the feeling of dread it filled me with. If you like Lifetime movies, then Amber Alert is for you.



3 thoughts on “Amber Alert

  1. RavenclawPride says:

    Yes, I always find some authors do not get their characters age right. There are certain ways a 14 year old and a 24 year old differ in age. Some chapters they seem younger or older than in previous chapters. This sounds like a chilling read.

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