The Walking Dead Feels

I know that we don’t normally talk about zombies here, but I’m a big fan with a lot of big feelings about the season finale of The Walking dead. So, I’m going to unbox my giant crate of feels and we’ll go through this journey of healing together.


This post will contain SPOILERS if you haven’t seen season 7 episode 1 of The Walking Dead. So many spoiling spoilers. So, if you haven’t watched, and don’t want the madness to be fully revealed, stop reading now and maybe head over to our Outlander page instead!


While turning on the show last night, I went in knowing that somebody was gonna get a big, fat kiss from Lucille, but two deaths? That’s too much mental trauma. Now we have an orphan…a twitchy Rick…the dissolution of the power team that has been torn apart; Glenn to death, Rick to insanity, and Daryl to the back of a sketchy murder van,


This is how I’ll always remember them 😦

Going back, I’ve been a fan of the comics for some time. I knew that the show started branching off from them a while back, picking some things from the original pages and making up their own for the show. For example, in the comics, Lori and Judith were both killed during the raid by the Governor, but in the show, Lori died in childbirth and little Judy is still living it up. And our main man Daryl wasn’t even in the comics, that glorious bastard was created for the show.


There was another big thing I read in the comics a while ago. Something I hoped the show would change. Something serious.


Krakk! Right in the Feels

That’s right, Glenn originally died by the hand of Negan in the comics, giving all us readers something to spaz over while we waited for the season 7 premier to see if it would come to pass. Now, I liked Abraham. He was a good dude that just wanted to make a nice little life with his new main gal, Sasha. But he got bashed, his final words, “Suck my nuts”. And, now, that man is giving mustache rides to all the angels in heaven. At first, I saw it as Abraham taking the big one for the team, saving the lives of all his friends.


Such majesty

That was almost it. We were almost past the point of survival where the rest of the group only needed to drink the rest of the Koolaid and swear their allegiance to Hitler-I mean Negan. But somebody couldn’t keep his ruggedly handsome mouth shut.


Are you sorry?!

And we lost the  purest soul of The Walking Dead world, Glenn Rhee.


Glenn never did anything to anyone out of malice and just wanted to help out the group. Some might say that he died a noble death, but I don’t see it that way. He was a good egg. A good, attractive, funny, loyal egg with his whole life ahead of him. Remember when that little sassy pants saved Rick the dumbass from the tank in season one?


Or when he got Lori the pills from the pharmacy so she could…ya know…while at Hershel’s farm? Or when he first saw Maggie?


Or when he cut her engagement ring off a walker? Or when he traveled alone so he could find her, following her trail to Terminus? Or the dozens of times he put his life directly in danger to save someone or fix their mistakes? He just tried to do right by everyone all the time and keep his wife safe. And he done got his head bashed in by Negan in response, showing us that nothing is sacred.

When they showed Rich having “flashbacks” of each person being hit by Lucille, I saw a glimmer of hope that maybe it was all a terribly graphic mirage and Glenn was really alive and well…but the writers of the show promised an insane season premier, and they delivered what they promised. Every ugly, bloody, heartbreaking part of their promise. They said that we would basically want to rip their faces off and murder them when we saw the premier, and they were right. They gave us a gloriously painful episode that changes the trajectory of the show, wounds the entire cast, and takes away of the pillars of the show.

Long story short, last night, I took a Lucille right to the feels.


So, on this darkened morning, I raise a pumpkin spice latte to Abraham and Glenn…but mostly Glenn, and remember all the good times they had before their heads were crushed in by a bat. Two for you, Glenn Rhee. You go, Glenn Rhee. Maggie has tasted blood and will bring the hammer of southern vengeance down upon your murderer.


Are you a Walking Dead watcher? Do you have some feels you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.



3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Feels

  1. grisata says:

    That was a beautiful post that just about sums up all my “feels” about last night’s episode. I did have one “feel” that you didn’t mention. I think they did a disservice to Maggie’s character that she didn’t get up and FREAK THE HELL OUT when Glenn’s head was getting bashed in. As much as Glenn was a fighter, so was Maggie. There’s no way she would have taken that kneeling down. She would have tried to go after Negan or at least cradled Glenn’s remains afterward.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AKissAtMidnight says:

    So true. It was so out of character for Maggie to be so blank. I’m assuming she was in shock and hasn’t processed it entirely. Not sure if you’ve read the comics, but it’s possible Maggie could really come out as the next leader of the group.


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