Jamie and Claire are #RelationshipGoals

People say that Jay Z and Beyonce are #RelationshipGoals, but let’s talk about the real Queen B (Queen Beauchamp/ La Dame Blanche) and her partner, the ever wonderful Jamie Fraser.  Can we get more #RelationshipGoals than Jamie and Claire? Sure, there weren’t any showers when they met and Claire had to introduce dental health to her people and sleeping in the woods was a daily thing, but that couple knows what’s up. They’re loyal, trust each other with their lives, and  keep the passion in their marriage, no matter what.


We’ve told you how Claire‘s a badass lady and how Jamie would make the perfect husband, so how about how they are together? So, in no particular order. let’s discuss some of the times when Jamie and Claire were the perfect couple. Don’t worry, we’re sticking with the top show moments, as to avoid spoilers and keep this article at a manageable length! So unless you’re still working through season one, don’t worry!

♥Strangers Helping Each Other♥


After Claire helps Jamie fix his shoulder, the adrenaline leaves her body, letting the strange reality of her situation hit her full force. She realizes she’s alone in the past, far away from her husband and begins to break down. But Jamie offers her a shoulder to cry on (no pun intended, as it is literal) and through their trade of tender services, we see some foreshadowing of what their relationship will become. This is a couple that were in tune with each others emotional needs from he first time Jamie flung Claire off his horse and into the bushes.

♥They go to Bat for Each Other♥


Jamie and Claire will go to any length to protect each other, no matter what. Jamie saved her from Black Jack a few times,while she took it one step further once, and saved all of Jamie’s men from the British. She swooned into the arms of the redcoats as Dougal told Jamie to STFU and let Claire play the damsel in distress. Not only do they take care of each other, they take care of those close to them. Talk about selfless.

♥You Are My Home Now♥


You know what I’m talking about. Jamie gives Claire her wedding ring, forged from his key to Lallybroch, and tells her that she is his home now. While their wedding was one brought on by need, Jamie takes his vows seriously from the start and never misses a chance to tell his wife that they are a true team. Everyone should slip this little number into their own wedding. But, as someone who referenced Jurassic Park while being read their wedding vows by an officiant, I don’t practice what I preach.

♥When Claire Chooses Jamie♥


As someone who started the book series after the first episode aired on STARZ, I gotta admit, this next part hit me hard, since I didn’t know what to expect. When Jamie took Claire to the stones and gave her the option to go “home” to Frank, I about lost my ever loving shit. I was yelling at the TV, “No, bitch! Don’t do it! Look at that glorious highlander! Stay and make elegant ginger babies that can walk the runways of Milan like there’s no tomorrow!” and I’m sure there was more than one tear when she she told him that she is his wife. Ye’ve made the right choice, Lass.

♥They Keep it Spicy♥


Anyone who’s been in a long term relationship can understand that sometimes you have to switch in up in the boudoir. Look at when Claire defrocked her honeypot! That certainly wasn’t the norm in the England that she left behind, nor was Jamie expecting a silky smooth southern hemisphere on his wife. But, she laid herself bare (literally) and waxed as the French did to give her man a little taste of something new…pun intended.


♥The Couple That Kills Together, Stays Together♥


As much as Sarah and I think Dougal Mackenzie is the hottest grandpa ever, snitches get stitches, so obviously he had to go when he was going to rat on Jamie and Claire at the end of season two. While Jamie did most of the grunt work, Claire bashed that Highlander into next week. Now, don’t you want your partner to be your partner in crime, no matter what the consequences? There’s nothing like a little murder to keep a marriage strong.

♥When Jamie Made Claire Save Herself♥


Now, I know this doesn’t scream “romance” in the heaving bosom sense, but it really shows how deeply Jamie loved Claire and their unborn child. He could have tried to leave through the stones with her, it’s not like either really knew for certain if it would kill him, but he did know that Frank would take care of Claire and their child. Having a partner that will do anything for you, even save your life at the expense of everything else, is more romantic than any tumblr post about a boyfriend bringing his bottom bitch a pumpkin spice latte. And when Claire tells Jamie “you are my home”, much like he did to her when they were married, cause ugly cries all around.

♥They Fight it Out♥


Their relationship was passionate in the bedroom, and out, but Jamie and Claire rarely went to bed angry. They always made sure to fight through their issues, no matter what. Like when Claire made Jamie promise not to kill Black Jack until she was sure his child had been conceived, Jamie was pissed as hell, some threats were made, but they love each other enough to compromise and work through their problems…even if it involves a little spanking.

♥Love Knows No Bounds♥


People whine about not being able to hack a two hour distance when their significant other goes away to college. Well, how about ya try 200 years of time, 20 years from your last meeting, and the thousands of miles that are between Boston to Scotland? Ya’ll get your jimmies rustled when your man goes to a frat party, but Claire’s about to hop through time to go get her man when she sees a trace of him in an old ass document. But, really? Can you blame her?


You’d run through that black hole, too.

We want to know, what about Claire and Jamie’s relationship do you find awesome? Tell us in the comments and stop by next Saturday for an all-new Outlander Saturday post!

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