Caerwin and the Roman Dog

I’ve found it, the prudently researched historical romance that slips real facts into a gripping story…well, author Lizzie Ashworth found me, and gave me a copy of Caerwin and the Roman Dog to read and review.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 4.5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Historical Romantic Drama

We meet Caerwin in the midst of a battle against the Roman invaders. The Cornovii princess is initially safe, but when she enters the fight to help her menfolk, she is captured and her home falls around her. She is taken as the prize of a commander named Marcellus, who keeps her safe from the other men, but only so he doesn’t need to share the beautiful young woman from being spoiled before he can take her himself. But he treats her well, as well as a slave can be treated, giving her fine clothes and a servant of her own. Marcellus also doesn’t force her into his bed. But he still lead the army that killed her people, and put her own mother into chains, taking her away from Caerwin forever.


The pair begins their travels with the army, away from Caerwin’s home. And as her feelings towards her Roman master flutter between hatred, respect, and fondness, she is torn between the blood ties of her past and the hope of her future.

This book was the first one I’ve read that was self-published, but error free. Ashworth has meticulously cleaned her work and left it a smooth read without missing punctuation or jumbled word. There are some professionally published works that aren’t that clean. Caerwin is likable and you find yourself really rooting for her, especially when she throws zinging one liners in Marcellus’s face.Speaking of Marcellus, be prepared to hate the shit out of him and hope Caerwin stabs him in his sleep. This novel is gritty, harsh, and full of real historical acts that aren’t for the faint of heart. This isn’t a heaving bosom romance full of roses and accidental meetings in Seattle coffee shops, it’s one founded in bloodshed and a mutual desire to live.  kelsey2


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