Interview With K. Webster

Today we have a fun treat, an author interview with K Webster, who had almost 40 books currently available on Amazon. K was nice enough to pop in to answer a few questions about her past works, current projects, and how she became a literary success through self publishing.


When did you start to write?

December of 2013.  I’d gone to a Colleen Hoover book signing and decided I could write a book! She definitely inspired me.

When you began, did you set out to be a published author, or did you sort of fall into the world of publishing?

I knew right away I was going to self-publish, so I began with that mindset, and made sure that I went into it professionally from the get-go.

You have nearly 40 books already on Amazon, how do you diversify your writing with new ideas?

The stories all birth from some sort of inspiration be it books, movies, songs, etc.  Sometimes I have dreams and it will spark a story.  Other times I’ll build an entire book around a phrase I want to use in a story or a title.  And sometimes, I’ll build an entire book around a character or a character’s name that pops into my head.  I have tons more stories, just not enough time to write them all.

What are your tips for new authors hoping to make a career in writing?

Write your book first.  So many people get bogged down and overwhelmed by everything else that comes with self-publishing.  The story is the most important part.  In order to make money, you need to be dedicated and treat this like it’s your business.  That means staying professional, creating good work habits and schedules, and building a brand around yourself.  You’ll need to always research the market and watch what others do to see what works and what doesn’t.  The reason I’ve been successful is because I keep writing books.  Sales dwindle after a new release after some time so I like to keep new books available for my readers.

I loved Mad Sea, literally loved it. It came in a time in my life where Sarah and I were discussing the mechanics of Mermaid sex and it answered a lot of great questions! If it were made into a movie, whom would you like to play Madden and Hali?

Aww yay! Love this!  I had the same exact questions about mermaid sex.  I couldn’t find any information about it so I just made it up!  I think Penelope Mitchell would be a beautiful Hali.  And Tyler Hoechlin for Madden.

Is there another book you’d like to see come to life?

 I have a vampire book I’m working on as we speak.  It will have the similar paranormal feel as Mad Sea along with some new vampire world things we’ve never seen before.  I like changing the rules!

You know my fav, but what is your favorite book that you wrote?

This Isn’t Over, Baby.  In that book, I wrote without fear.  Despite the wild taboo themes and dark nature, it’s a very romantic book about two villains.  Villains need love too.

What’s your favorite book that you didn’t write?  


One of my faves I’ve read this year was 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton.  I want to be BB when I grow up.  Hilarious and real, crazy little book.  I recommend it to everyone.

How do you deal with writer’s block?  

I usually have about four documents open at all times.  When I feel stuck on one, I’ll start writing on one of the others.  If I’m not feeling any of them, I let one of my stories out of my head that I haven’t let loose yet.  I never stop this way.  It keeps me productive.

What does a typical day of writing look like?  

Once I drop off the kids at school, I eat a little something and dope up on coffee.  Then, I sit down and tackle social media/emails/etc.  By around 10 am, I’m ready to pound out some words.  I’ll pretty much write non-stop until I get hungry.  After a food break, I dive back in until I have to pick my kids up at 3 pm.  I try to keep my writing only during the school week while the kids are in school.  I’m less distracted that way and can produce more quality content.

Your teasers are always fantastic and I saw that you dabble in graphic design. Are they all your work?  

I love doing graphic design and have designed all but two of my covers.  Most of my teasers are made by me but this year I’ve been lucky enough to find some other talented people who have made some for me here and there.  I like when they all match and have a theme so most usually I create a set of at least ten teasers that all kind of go together for each book that also coordinates with the cover.

I write the best with a big cup of Cuban coffee. Do you have a writer “fix”?  

Definitely my Folgers Mocha Swirl coffee with some sort of yummy creamer.  I will forgo food and just drink coffee usually until I’m tweaking and can’t sit still ha!  I also like to munch on chocolate lol.

I read that you have children, what are your Halloween plans? Any family costumes?  

In the past we’ve done some family costumes but not this year.  My kids are pretty spontaneous so we won’t know what they’ll be until they decide (after two hours of searching) at the store.  My daughter has mentioned she wants to be SpongeBob or a pirate.  I want to be a pretty little doll…

You are in the process of releasing This Isn’t You, Baby, are you working on anything new?

 I’m always working on new stuff! I have a naughty student teacher story that comes out in the Hot for Teacher box set on the 18th of this month.  In November, the sequel to Pretty Stolen Dolls called Pretty Lost Dolls that I wrote with Ker Dukey will release.  And finally, in December, a psychological romance called Whispers and the Roars will release.  I’m working on my vampire story and a few other projects are in the pipeline.  Mostly, I just work on what calls to me and then surprise the readers with whatever gets finished first.  I find that when I commit to something for them, I end up hating the process.  It’s best when I just write whatever it is that’s hollering in my head!

Is there anything else you’d like your readers to know?

I’m completely obsessed and anal about my output.  I go through multiple rounds of edits and then follow that with multiple proofreaders because I’m that desperate for perfection.  And even still, after all of the read throughs, an occasional error will slip through that ends up making me want to claw my eyeballs out.  This obsessive and perfectionist personality is good for the readers but rough on my blood pressure.  Oftentimes people will mention that those who have a high quantity of releases must have lower quality.  I think my readers would beg to differ.  My goal with each book is to outdo my last one.  I don’t focus much on what other authors are doing because I’m too busy in this cutthroat competition with myself.  I enjoy working myself into writing corners to see how I can get myself out.  Challenges make me happy.  Weird makes me happy.  Trying to write the never-been-written makes me happy.  I love plot twists and secret cliffies.  It makes my heart happy when I can add depth to characters readers thought they hated only to make them love them later (or at least have compassion for them.)  I’m basically one of those people that if you were to tell me, “You can’t do that,” or “You shouldn’t do that,” or “Nobody has ever done that before,” then I will do exactly that.  I like bending the literary rules.  As I always say, “I do what I want.”  And for the most part, those risks are worth taking in the end.


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4 thoughts on “Interview With K. Webster

  1. RavenclawPride says:

    This was a really good interview. I love seeing how authors act and what they think of their work. As an inspiring writer it’s good for my own development. I’ve never though of mermaid sex before, so this brought a new concept into my world lol.

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