Searching for Disaster

My love for Jennifer Probst has been well documented. Naturally, I was extremely excited for her new novella, Searching for Disaster. However, that means that the Searching For series is finally over. With that in mind, I would recommend starting at book one, which is the first book in the Married to a Billionaire series. It is called the Marriage Bargain. Searching For is the spin off of this series. While I love the series, it can be read on it’s own.



Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Isabella has had a hard life. The demons of addiction are constantly banging on her door and for a while she answered. That was until she finally recognized that she hit rock bottom. Now, she has been clean and sober for two years. She has a great job working for the matchmaking agency Kinnections and her life finally has meaning. There is just one problem. Izzy has a hard time accepting the kind of life she could have. She’s an addict and once an addict always an addict…or so she though.

Six years ago, Liam met the wild child of his dreams at a college party. He and Izzy spent one intense night together and Liam wanted more. But Izzy was too involved in the drugs and party life to give him the chance he deserved. Now, Liam is a successful cop and Izzy works for the matchmaking agency that he just signed up for. Too bad Izzy isn’t one of the clients because she is the only one he has eyes for.


As much as Izzy tries to fight her feelings and Liam’s advances, it isn’t long before they fall into bed together. But sex isn’t enough for Liam. He wants more. He wants the picket fence with children, and their new puppies running in the yard. He wants forever. How can Izzy give him forever when she lives life one day at a time? Liam can only push so far before he gives up on Izzy. She must decide if she can calm her demons or if they are too much for Liam to handle.


How do I begin…One of the things that makes Jennifer Probst an amazing writer is her character development. Each one of her characters is completely different an has their own unique personality. Izzy is no exception to this. She takes the perfect, girl next door, romance heroine mold and crushes it. Izzy has issues and they are ingrained deep inside of her. They aren’t going to go away when a man holds her tight or protects her. She has to work on herself. I love how flawed but yet lovable Izzy is.

I have also mentioned it before, I have a weak spot for law enforcement. I loved Liam and he certainly will be one of my book boyfriends for some time. I don’t want to get into him too much because of spoilers but he is quite possibly as close to perfect as a romance hero can get. Especially for you Star Wars fans out there.

Probst doesn’t believe in closing the curtain and I love it. She writes dramatic and detailed sex scenes that leave you excited. She doesn’t border on the erotic side but she doesn’t pull any punches either. I’ve always loved her scenes and I think they’re perfect for any level of romance reader.

I’m sad for this series to end but I really enjoyed the series. I can’t wait to see what else Probst has to offer. Interested in learning more about Probst? We will be posting an author interview with her tomorrow. Come back to check it out.



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