Coming Home

The next book we are reviewing is Coming Home by Rebecca Barber. It is a romantic suspense book and the first in the Finding Your Place series.



Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 3/6 Glass Slippers

Zoe hasn’t been back home in two years. She has missed birthday parties, engagements, and all other forms of celebration but she decided that it’s time to come home. Her friend Katie is having a birthday party and Zoe feels the urge to go home. However, on the way there her car brakes down and she is attacked. If it weren’t for Spencer, she may have fallen apart with no hope of ever putting the pieces back together.

Spencer has loved Zoe since they were kids but he isn’t ‘in love’ with Zoe. He maintains that there is a big difference between the two and he will spout this mantra to anyone who questions him. But when his Zoe is attacked, there is no place he’d rather be than by her side. Of course, this creates a problem because the closer they get, the more real their feelings become.

But there is a bigger problem. After the attack, Zoe isn’t herself after the attack and she is relying so heavily on Spencer. His family, mostly his twin brother Kane, is concerned that the girl who left Spencer broken hearted will do it again. Will Spencer be enough to build Zoe back up to the woman he knows she can be? Or will the attacker have a bigger impact than everyone initially expected?

While I liked the plot of this book and the amazing twist at the end, there were some problems that I couldn’t overlook. First off, there were several typos. I have a hard time enjoying the book when I see typos. They take me out of the scene. I  know that it’s hard to catch everything but there were more than just one or two.

The other problem I had is that there were some medical inaccuracies in the book. Zoe is taken to the hospital after the attack and the way she acts afterwards is far from realistic or medically possible. I couldn’t get over this either.

However, Spencer and Zoe do have a believable relationship. How many of us know two friends who are so in love with each other that they can’t admit it? I can think of two different friends off the top of my head. I liked the flow of their relationship when they tried to figure out if they were more than friends or what that would mean for their future.

I will say, I have a twin brother so I am always interested in the way people write twins into literature. I found that Barber did a good job. So many people think that we have ‘mighty twin’ powers (as my father calls them) but it’s not the case. However, the relationship is tricky because people expect you to be the same but each twin is their own individual person. I respected what she wrote.


 If a book with crazy twists (seriously they crept up on you) and friend to possibly lover romance sounds like a good time, then I’d recommend you check out Barber’s book.



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