In Ruins

Feel like you need some new adult, college, romance in your life? Well, here’s In Ruins by Danielle Pearl, part of the Something More book set.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre:New Adult Romance

Carleigh, or Carl, is a young woman who is just starting her journey through college. While she’s lucky enough to be dorming with her BFF Devin, her high school ex, Tucker, is also in attendance at their university. They had a nasty breakup, and she hopes to keep him at arms length, to protect her own heart. But it’s hard for Carl to push Tucker from her mind, and her life, as he knows all her family’s dirty little secrets and hates her for them.


But hate and love are so similar, they can blend into one confusing mess, which is exactly what’s happening with Carl and Tucker. Neither can bring up was made them split in the first place and try to force themselves to be friends, something that’s difficult when the sexual chemistry and old feelings are too strong to deny. But old romance isn’t the only thing adding drama to Carl’s college years. Family issues and an unexpected violence has the capability to change Carl’s life forever.

Told in dual POV, with time hops to show you just what happened to force this couple apart, is surprisingly well done in this book. It’s often difficult to manage both literary tools without becoming, well, annoying. But Pearle is an accomplished writer and it was hard to find fault with her writing and story telling.



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