Elton Hall Chronicles: Annabelle

Every blonde needs a brunette best friend. For Violet, Annabelle is just that person. They met on the first day of college when they moved into their dorm rooms. Annabelle lives across the hall from Violet at Elton Hall, and they quickly become inseparable.


So what is Annabelle like?  She has thick brown hair that falls just past her shoulders with deep brown eyes. Her complexion is fair, but she is no where near as pale as Violet. She is about medium height and always carries a giant tote bag with her. Violet calls it her Mary Poppins bag. She studies psychology but has a series problem when it comes to math. Be warned, she is also a social media detective. She can find out anything and everything about someone based off their pages. Now would be a good time to increase the security on your own!


Annabelle is an innocent freshman who has not had quite the experiences that Violet has. She is still waiting for her first kiss when she meets Jason. He quickly becomes the third member of their trio. As in most cases, guys and girls can’t be friends long without some feelings flying around. There is just one problem, Jason has a girlfriend named Janice. Annabelle tries to push her feelings for him aside, but as they hang out more, it is soon obvious to everyone that Annabelle isn’t the only one feeling this way. That is until Kenny comes into the picture. He is single, popular, sexy, and as Annabelle soon find out, one hell of a kisser.

Like most college girls, Annabelle is searching to find herself and what she wants.

Read more about Annabelle in the Spring of 2017 when Elton Hall Chronicles: First Semester comes out. For more details about the story, visit About Sarah.



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    How are you all doing? My second book, Elton Hall Chronicles: Second Snowfall, was picked up by my publisher and will be coming out soon! It stares Violet’s best friend, Annabelle as she struggles with her crush on her best friend Jason, and the feelings she’s developing for the secretive firefighter eager to give her the world. Is it possible to love two boys at once?


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