Dress Like Claire

Sarah’s told you why we think Claire is one awesome lady, and I’ve told you where to get her jewelry, but our favorite Sassenach also knows how to rock her time traveling styles. Below are a few saucy numbers that made us swoon, as well as a few nice little shows to purchase them. So, get your wallets ready and see if anything on our list makes the cut. And, don’t worry, this post doesn’t contain any spoilers past season two of the show.

♥The Red Dress♥


Hello, like, flattering much? I’ll take one in every color if it’ll make our favorite Scotsman want to blow my bagpipes. While it scandalized some, Claire was perfectly in style in the French court, which was know for it’s opulence and risque dressings. Even now, this would be one fancy piece to wear to your next gala event. Have some cash to spend and want one of your own? There’s a little shop on Etsy that wants to make your dreams come true.

♥The Shoes♥

If you’re shelling out for that bangin’ dress, you might as well get the shoes to top it off. While I can’t find the legit pair with as many straps, this one here is a close match that is probably a little less annoying to buckle together. Fashion and functionality.

♥La Dame Blanche♥

Gotta love Claire’s jewel-toned dress. Paired with her crystal necklace, it’s the perfect outfit to go pass judgement upon souls in. Did I mention you can get your own crystal necklace here? It’s a special piece that Master Raymond would be proud of. So go forth, fellow Sassenachs, and get yo witch on.

♥The Yellow Cape♥

Talk about fall fashion. Capes are fashionable for everyone; French nobles, vampires, the Phantom of the opera, and you. Yes, you. Live a little. For the price of a nice jacket, you can snag your own yellow cape and slay the streets of Paris…or the streets of the New Jersey suburbs. I’m not judging. Hell, I’m about to order this and use the subsequent glamour shots on my Christmas card. You’re welcome, Aunt Diane, here’s one for your mantle.

♥Claire’s Original Plaid♥

Let’s take it back, way back…well, maybe not as back as Claire’s been in her lifetime, but back before she met Jamie. Claire fell through time and ended up wrapped in Jamie’s tartan, but first, she had a different one. For a splash of Outlander that you can rock without a corset, get your own tartan wrap here! It’s a way to show your Sassenach pride without straight up riding up to the grocery store on the back of a horse driven by a hot Scot…not that I wouldn’t love that. Anyways, can you see yourself wrapped up in this before a bonfire? I can. BTW it’s currently on sale, so snap it up before it’s too late.

♥Claire’s Wedding Dress♥

Sure, Claire was hungover, wearing a dress from a brothel, and marrying a stranger, but she looked fine as hell while doing it, and look at the man she got! If you’re planning your own wedding and want to don the Claire Special, you can actually order your recreation here that would make your own Jamie mad with lust. But it sure doesn’t come cheap. On the other hand, her wedding ring (the one from the book and the show are different) are a bit more cost effective, and ready for daily wear.

♥Claire’s Winter Wear♥

Winter’s a comin’ and if you’re one to traipse about the countryside like Claire, your hands could get a little cold, especially if you hate bulky gloves like me. Claire’s arm warmer things leave your fingers free, but your arms toasty for your daily rides around the loche. Snag a pair here and get ready for cold weather. Or, if you’re a little more crafty than I, get the knitting pattern and make your own, like a true Highlander woman.

♥Claire’s White Dress♥

What better way to prepare for your trip to the Highlands than by donning a classy little white dress that goes from 1940’s London to the forest surrounding the standing stones. Talk about a versatile number. With the right Outlander accessories, it’s possible for you to feel just like Claire Fraser, and look like her too. Check out the modern version here.

♥Claire’s French Hat♥

This one is another classic that tops off the perfect look for a stroll through the gardens of Versailles. Realistically, this hat could be worn for a tea party, a garden-themed baby shower, the horse races, or a Derby themed Frat party at Kappa Sigma. Trust me, you need top of the line accessories for every occasion. Pick up your own floral hat here and get ready to turn heads for all the right reasons.

♥Claire’s Arm Candy♥


Remember last week when I told you Janice would be green with envy upon seeing your perfect kilted accessory? Now you can really shove it in her face by bagging your dream guy. Nothing can top Claire’s man, but Google, and Finding Fraser, have shown me that snagging your own Jamie Fraser is only a few clicks away. If you’re single and ready to mingle with an accented lover you can ride the Scottish countryside with, well, that’s not something I could find on Esty, so you’re on your own.

Tell us, do you own any Outlander swag that you rock with pride?

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