Undead Love

I have many loves in my life…Starbucks, glitter, boots and leggings, mermaids, my family, Sarah, Outlander, and zombies. I will flip a shit for some good, old fashioned, viral outbreak drama that feeds my soul. So, I’m super excited to introduce you to Undead Love by Lee Sutherland.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Apocalyptic Romance

After the wold was decimated by a viral outbreak that turned the infected into zombies, Russ is a total loner, but not by choice. Everyone he knew before was gone, including his wife. He ends up going at it alone until he spies Polly raiding a gas station and finds himself immediately drawn to the badass lady who will shoot you in the face as soon as look at you. He wanted to get to know her more, but her tough as nails group shut that down because, when supplies are running low, there’s no telling who you can trust. But Russ passes Polly’s tests and gets in good with the rest of her band, which include some lovely elderly people who love to cook and gossip. But, as you can guess, the comforts of home are fleeting when the undead come calling.


Polly and Russ are more similar than they’d like to admit; hardasses with warm centers and deep hearts. They quickly form a bond based on lust and mutual respect. While both want more, Russ is haunted by the wife he lost, and tries to keep Polly at arm’s length. And when they find themselves trapped by a storm, the undead are not the only thing coming between them.

First things first; this cover is great. Like, the woman on front isn’t in a crop top or a bikini like they usually are on covers. Although, she looks like she still raids the Sephora counter for some Urban Decay pick-me-up, but wouldn’t you? Shit’s expensive. Anyway, the cover is really an eye catcher and, as soon as I saw it, I was really receptive to anything Sutherland threw at me. There were a few missing commas, and that sort of thing, but it’s really easy to ignore the errors when you’re wondering if Polly and Russ are going to live to see another day. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Sutherland told me about his book two plans. So, if we’re lucky, we’ll follow up with the next installment of this apocalyptic love story.



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