Why Jamie Should Be Your Book Boyfriend

James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, you beautiful man, you. I know you all can appreciate how, if the magic of the standing stones were real, and I wasn’t a married mother, I’d be off on a Scottish adventure to meet my kilted soulmate. But, since we all can’t be as lucky as Claire, we mere mortals must settle for him being our book boyfriend husband. Yes, husband, because Jamie Fraser is the marrying kind.

BTW this post covers topics that are seen in season 1 and 2 of Outlander on Starz, so unless you haven’t finished watching the show, don’t worry about spoilers.

♥He’s a skilled lover


Jamie is that special kind of man who saved himself for marriage and still managed to surprise his wife with his carnal prowess. Since this was decades before Google and the search term “how to please a woman”, it seems he is a special breed where good sex comes naturally. There won’t be any awkward fumbling, just glorious lovemaking.

♥And the lovin’ never quits


For Jamie, the honeymoon period never ends. Jamie will never say he has a headache, or tell you to shush because the game is on. He’s down to bone anywhere, anytime, any place, and will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, even in a time before bathing daily was a thing. You can be confident that he’ll still be ready to go when you’re both old and grey. Talk about long-term potential.

♥He takes his family seriously


If there’s one thing Jamie knows, it’s the importance of family. Hell, he took a major lashing from Black Jack Randall to protect his sister. He also worked hard to ensure his estate stayed in his family so they could keep their lands and home. Oh, and did I mention he basically saved Claire’s life by sending her back to her own time at the expense of losing her forever? No matter what, you can ensure this guy will put you, and yours, first.

♥He’ll never judge you


Jamie is a secret keeper and all he wants is the trust and love of his main lady. He doesn’t care if you’ve made some bad decisions, or have a cloudy past. He will believe in you and support you no matter what. Hell, he believed Claire when she told him she was a time traveler because he’s just a great dude.

♥He’s one handsome man


His form is so nice, I gif’ed him twice. Just…look at him. Take in the glorious package that his amazingness is wrapped up in and weep that you weren’t born two hundred years earlier. He’s got the body, the hair, the smile, the eyes, the everything to make him more than perfect to take to your high school reunion. “Like, okay Janice, I’m glad you’re the CEO of Microsoft, now, but while you’re buried under spreadsheets in the office, I’m buried under this guy in a field of Scottish heather.” Winning.

♥He’ll make you laugh


Let’s be real, Jamie has the jokes in the show, and on the page. His humor will carry you through the trying times in your marriage and help you keep the laughs going when all seems bleak. Not to say he isn’t serious when he wants to be, but his sharp wit is usually perfectly timed.

♥He’ll go to bat for you


Walking home from work and a cat-caller starts getting mouthy? Jamie’s there to defend your honor. You’re out with the girls and someone tries to spike your drink? Jamie’s not about to let him get away with it. Someone breaks in and tries stealing your grandma’s tea set? Wrong house, buddy, this is where Jamie lives. You get kidnapped by a crazy British soldier? Say no more because Jamie is about to wage war.

♥He’s a man’s man


Jamie will ride horseback though the mountains in the rain while wielding a broadsword with his latest kill strung up behind him for your dinner in the home he built with his own hands, after which he’ll ravish you on the floor beside the roaring fire that is fed by the wood he chopped himself. Yes, please.

♥But he is true to his emotions


While he can be a pillar of support, he is also man enough to be real about his feelings when he’s ready to. If he’s mad at you, he won’t play games. Jamie will come right out with it. If something scares him, he’ll be honest with his fears and will allow you to console him. If he’s excited about something, prepare to be swept up in his happiness. Overall, he’s really a true partner.

♥He’s always faithful


While some men may be downright dirty dogs, Jamie only has eyes for his wife. He takes his wedding vows seriously and no manner of French harlot can make this hot Scot cheat. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that no matter what happens, your guy will always come home to you?

♥He will never take you for granted


You’re a gosh-darn catch, and Jamie can see that. He knows how to appreciate a good woman, and knows that he should treat her well. Jamie loves your messy morning hair, your important work, and the way you tell him to shove it when it needs to be shoved. He’ll support your dreams, fight your fears, do whatever it takes to keep you safe, and give you some good, old fashioned, kilted loving.

Now that we’ve given you some reasons to join the Fraser clan, tell us why Jamie is your favorite book guy. And, as always, join us for Outlander Saturdays every week!

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8 thoughts on “Why Jamie Should Be Your Book Boyfriend

  1. katerina says:

    No woman should get married,unless she find a JAMMF. He is everything women want & need and all he asks from his wife is to be there fr him and good sex (win win).So simple & complicate.
    Well,this kind of men does not exist! God,i doubt that even Sam Heughan has something from Jamie in his character.
    The sad conclusion is that we have to conciliate with men as they are or stay alone for ever ,waiting for Jamie Fraser.
    On the other hand,DG did her best to show them what all women want.If men don’t pay attention,it’s their problem.As long Sam Heughan (wow!!) brings Jamie to life,we are more than Good.
    Very good article,BTW.Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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