Meet Jackson

I’ve introduced you to Conner, Sarah’s shown you Berneli, and now it’s time for you to meet the main man in my upcoming contemporary romance, The Non-Disclosure Agreement, which will be out in the Spring of 2017.


Jackson Cantrell is a tall drink of Henry Cavill flavored water. I’m talking thick black hair, piercing blue eyes, a jaw that could cut steel, and abs for days, all wrapped up in a perfectly tailored suit. When he’s not running his billion dollar company, he can be found at movie premiers, seeing the latest exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art, and dodging the calls of his model exs. Did I mention he’s also mega-rich and a generous lover?


Well, he’s only rich because he’s a shark in the boardroom and a master at business. But his personal life is a total mess. He’s seen in the tabloids as a rich playboy who has a revolving door of models going in, and out, of his bedroom. Sounds fun, for a while, but he needs to put his past behind him a settle down because #1. His mom is on his case about not sticking his dick in everything. #2. Jackson is running for mayor of New York City and the voters aren’t a fan of his unattached status.

Overall, he’s a little uptight, a workaholic, and a bit jaded due to his celeb status. But when a young lady named Holly walks into his life, he’ll learn what it is to be a better man.



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