Love Affair in Venice

Sarah has reviewed other books by Jackie Wang before, Landlady and Fugitive, so I decided to see what the deal was by downloading a copy of Love Affair in Venice while it was free! I mean, honestly, I thought the cover looked beautiful and I’m a huge fan of Italy, so I was in a Venice mood.



Heat Level: 5/6 Hearts

Overall Rating: 4/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Vanessa is hot, sassy, filthy rich, and recently burned by her good for nothing ex-fiance. His betrayal caused her to write off men for good…well, not really, because when is that ever true? Anyways, she meets a sweet-talking gondolier named Marco with a daughter. But cultures and duty can get in the way of feelings, something that the fashion mogul knows too well. And once a man from her past puts his life on the line for her, she may forget about Venice forever, thrusting her fully back into her old world.


There were some issues with this book that kept popping up. There were more than a few grammatical errors, but that could be easily fixed with a good editor. However, It was the missing words that I struggled to look past the most. I also found it a bit unrealistic that she was so easy to fall in love and the word was thrown around so easily after short meeting. However, I tried to ignore the swiftness as, in fiction, there’s a lot of untrue stuff that goes on. Like, I don’t see any kids fighting it out in a high-tech arena like in The Hunger Games and, unfortunately, no big-ass rock is going to take me to a Highland hottie like in Outlander.

One thing I really appreciated in this book was the use of a wealthy woman who held all the chips. She wasn’t the maid in the millionaire’s hotel or a struggling single mother who meets a flashy doctor at the hospital, but a mega billionaire in her own right, something that I can truly get behind.



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