Outlander Season 3- “Voyager” Hopes

Spoilers to the Max!

Caution: This contains Outlander season 3/Voyager Spoilers! Read no further if you haven’t read the the third Outlander series book!


Now that you’ve been warned, are you ready to talk about Voyager and what might come in season three of Outlander on Starz?


We give the show a lot of love, but thought it might be time to talk about the books this week on Outlander Saturday! Since Sarah hasn’t read past book two, I’m here to chat it up with you about my favorite parts in Voyager and what I’m looking forward to seeing in season three on television.

A final reminder, if you hate spoilers, don’t read any further.

♥Jamie’s return to Lallybroch


It’s going to be sad, seeing Jamie wounded and hiding in Dun Bonnet’s Cave for so many years with only a few books to keep him company. As you probably read on our Legends of Outlander post, there was a real-live man named James Fraser who hid in a care and was nicknamed Dun Bonnet by the cap he wore. Nice connection, Diana!I love seeing history come to life and see how things connect. Something I’m not too thrilled about seeing it when little Fergus get’s caught up in the traitor madness and looses his crafty little hand. I assume more than one tear shall be shed for our tiny adopted Fraser.

♥Friends Foreverrrrr


Y’all know that this relationship is one for the ages. I’m not saying it’s romantic, you know Jamie only has eternal eyes for Claire, but his friendship with Lord John Grey is going to be one of the cornerstones for the series, moving forward. Without Lord John Grey, Jamie’s time in prison, and his later reunion with his biological son, might never be possible. Although, it looks like they’re setting it up to be more romantic in the show than it was in the books, something I’m not really into, as I think their complicated friendship in the series was compelling and deep. I almost feel like making it sound like a torrid love affair, like in some other blog posts and news stories, cheapens their dynamic relationship. If only the show series could do a chapter an episode!

♥Meeting Geneva


This is going to be tough for all those who love Claire and Jamie. I’m going to be honest, I think Geneva is a grade A asshole. Blackmailing Jamie into sex was a low blow and the man’s life has been tough enough. I know I’ll have a rage stroke when she throws out the “bang me or I’ll scream rape” card. At least Jamie can see some joy in the terrible union by his son William grow for a few years. But seeing as how happy he was knowing Claire was pregnant when she left, It’ll be tough seeing him watch his child from afar.

♥Baby Jamie


Jamie and his interactions with his secret son is going to be interesting. Their sweet doings takes up a good chunk of book, and for good reason. We all read, and saw, how into being a father Jamie was when Claire was pregnant with Faith and how important it was for Claire to go back to Frank for the safety of their unborn child. It’s going to be bittersweet to see how young Willie sees a father figure in Jamie and Jamie longs to be close to a child he never thought he’d have, after Claire’s leaving. Their bond in the books might be hard to portray on screen, but Starz has done an awesome job, so far.

♥The Highlight of the Year


I know for a damn fact that I’m not the only person who ugly cried when Claire went through the stones and later learned that Jamie was alive all along. While I understand that she needed to go for her own safety, it’s like she’s still twenty years too late to their reunion. I’m already preparing myself for the Kim Kardashian-like sobs when she finally sees him in the print shop. I’m also dying to see how well Jamie aged. I’m guessing it’s like a fine, beautifully kilted, wine… although he’ll be unkilted for a lot of the season, and not always in the fun way. The fact that we’ll probably have to wait a few episodes for this glorious meeting adds a certain level of delicious suspense. At least it’ll be a smoother journey for Claire, as Roger and Bree help her get the cash and clothes necessary for a successful jaunt through time. Speaking of Roger and Bree, watching them say goodbye to Claire will be another depressing sight. But, hey, Claire did right by her kid and her promise to Jamie, so she deserves to have some Highlander goodness up in her petticoats.

♥The Scorned Second Wife


Dis Bitch is right. Ya’ll probably know that I feel Laoghaire is a dirty home wrecking hussy and no one deserves to get lumpy and gross in their old age more than her…well, except for Black Jack Randall… not that he lives long enough for that. Well, anyways, her coming out of the woodwork again to claim Jamie as her rightful husband is something I’m looking forward too. Like, I get how she saw Jamie as the one that got away but, damn girl, have some self respect! I wouldn’t tie myself for a man who was constantly wishing I was someone else, no matter how hot he was. BTW I’m all sour grapes on how Jenny lashes out at Claire and rats to Loaghaire, even thought Claire told her the potato-planting key to Lallybroch’s survival. I hope Loaghaire’s gun-toting dramatics are just as wild on the screen as they are on the page.

♥High Seas Misadventure


Poor Jamie can’t catch a break. He, along with Claire and Marsali, go to rescue Ian and he’s stuck vomiting with seasickness while Claire is basically kidnapped by the Porpoise, because the ocean has never been kind to Jamie. Like, universe, give the man a break! All he wants is to live the quiet life and plant some crops and make sweet love to his new found wife, not be held captive and taken towards prison. At least he’s conveniently shipwrecked near Claire. Small victories. I’m curious to see how this will play out since, in the book, their oceanic struggles is a large chunk of action.

♥The Return of Geillis


Gonna be real, I’m pumped for the return of Geillis. I know she’s a murderer, adulteress, and all around baddie, but I’m really excited to see her return in all her crazy glory. You have to admire her vicious tenacity and the way she unraveled thousands of years of legends and myths to learn about time travel. Sure, she could have gone around without human sacrifices, but I admire a bitch with flair. I mean, if she had really been killed before having her son, a certain green-eyed man wouldn’t be able to grace us with his presence! So, sacrifice away, you gloriously creepy time traveler, you!


Yeah, I know this isn’t every tasty morsel of Voyager goodness, only some of my personal favs. Tell me in the comments, what are you most excited for in season three?

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30 thoughts on “Outlander Season 3- “Voyager” Hopes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ive always liked the bitter-sweet scene where Jamie tells Claire about Willie. It is sad….but Claire is so tender and understanding toward Jamie. The earlier scene wfere she first meets LJG at the party, where he shows her Willies picture, and fills here in on Geneva, Willie , his relationship with Jamie, and how he came to get Willie should be very interesting acting. Oh, there are so many!
    Perhaps my fav though is Jamie seeing Brees pictures. I go pieces every time!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Ruth says:

    I’m I’m spot on agreement with what you want to see . Except for the Lord John Gray stuff. I have read Voyager and was not interested by their friendship. I hope TPTB don’t play up the physicality of it. Don’t want to go there with Jamie.


    • AKissAtMidnight says:

      I agree that I’m not going to be happy if they show them romantically involved. It’s hard to tell if they’re playing it up as a romantic relationship in the magazines for the drama of it, or if that’s what they’re really planning to do.


      • Alex says:

        I feel like if they do they take away some of the power of Black Jack and the trauma he caused Jamie. It is just so out of character for him that it’d be a lengthy stretch to pull off.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. They had no physical relationship in the book and the shoe shouldn’t make one up either. I also don’t want to see him having sex with Geneva or loaghaire They should fade to black as they’ve done before with Claire and jaime

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Maryann Meister says:

    Don’t know if you’re aware, but DG didn’t find out the name of the real Donbonnet until after she had written the book…one of many coincidences in her writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anonymous says:

    I too want the Print Shop reunion to be as powerful as the scene at the stones when Claire left to go back to Frank. I do hope the relationship between Jamie and LJG is done as well as the book because it is a testament to Jamie’s compassion and goodness…as well as the excellent writing. I have also wondered why the casting of Bre and Roger has fallen short of their book expectations – not only in their physical stature but in their commanding personas. I did not see either Bre or Roger as either in the Series 2 finale (no disrespect intended). In fact, I am reading Fiery Cross after first seeing them as actors and have totally revamped their image in my mind, veering away from what those 2 actors look like. I saw the tv series first and then started the books – I never did that with Claire or Jamie because they are so compelling and complete. I did ask a friend who has not seen any of the tv seasons why and that is her main reason – she has vivid pictures of the 4 characters and does not want to be disappointed. Of course we may not see much of Bre and Roger in Season 3, but Season 4, based on DOA will be a great deal of them. Hope we aren’t disappointed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • AKissAtMidnight says:

      That’s completely how I feel. I guess for Bree I was expecting… I don’t know, almost a fiery Amazon woman, from how I read her in the books; graceful and cat eyed. And for Roger? Well, he left me disappointed as well. Maybe their personalities in the next season will make up for it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Debbie C. says:

        I disagree about your feeling about the actor who plays Roger. I think he is perfect as the minister’s son and as a gentle man who eventually want to be an minister himself. I too fell into the trap of seeing Bree as a 6 foot, very broad woman but I keep reminding myself of all the other characters I have loved through the years who were not portrayed on the screen to look like they were in the books. James Bond, Jack Reacher, Alex Cross, etc. I am giving Sophie a chance to get out of her whiny college mode and become Bree. Of course contacts lenses will help.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Deborah says:

    I enjoyed reading your synopsis of each favorite scene. I agree with thechoices, yet there are so many others. It should be interesting to see the Carribean scenes that I’ve read will be filmed in South Africa. I hope that Fraser’s Ridge will actually be filmed in North Carolina.
    I live in the NC mountains so I’d love to see the filming here.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. llamasstory says:

    Really important to me is the scene in which Lord John shows Claire the minature of Willie, and even more moving is the scene during the Governor’s ball, of Claire looking into the room in which John and Jamie are embracing,reuniting, rekindling their complex and sometimes-damaged friendship. Claire’s wonderment of what has happened and how well does she really know Jamie now – is dramatic in itself and lays foundation for a lot that is to follow. They just can’t skip this


  7. Coleen Emert Brooks says:

    The reunion of Jamie and Claire is top on my list. I haven’t read anything about Jamie and John having a physical relationship. In fact, when John touched Jamie the first time, Jamie told him to get his hands off him or he would kill him. I can’t imagine playing up anything physical between them, but I can imagine a really good friendship developing because of the adverse circumstances surrounding them.


  8. June Smith says:

    I have several scene’s I would love to see in season 3 mostly already mentioned but I would really love to see Jamie’s fantastic costume when they go to meet LJG at the ball. It’s is the equivalent of Claire’s re dress scene in Paris I think and if they do it the costume department will be put on their toes again.

    Liked by 2 people

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