Taming Beauty

With all the talk of Beauty and the Beast lately, I was really excited to come across Taming Beauty by Lynne Barron. It is a historical romance taking its shot at a tale as old as time.


Heat: ♥♥♥♥

Genre: Historical Romance

Overall Rating 5/6 Glass Slippers

Lilith did not have a normal upbringing in London’s society. Her father is an Earl who had a tendency to wander and her mother is a courtesan. Lilith spent years learning the art of seduction while her peers were taught embroidery.

Jasper is the Barron of Malleville but is known as the Grim because of his temper and outlook on life. His only dream is to restore his family’s wealth and property. So he makes a deal with the Earl to marry his daughter, Sissy. Her dowry is vital to his plans.

There is only one thing he didn’t plan on, Lilith. She is beautiful, sassy, and shooting him bedroom eyes. Is it love? Is it lust? Or maybe she has a different plan all together that will benefit her family but not the Barron.

Will the beauty tame the beast or will she trick him into submission?

Image result for beauty and the beast gif

It’s been a while since I read a historical romance and I have missed them. Barron wrote a fabulous book. I was worried that it would be a copy cat of the initial story but really it’s completely different. I was kept guessing as to how the story was going to resolve. It certainly didn’t go where I thought.

Lilith was a different type of character that we usually don’t hear about in historicals. I liked her attitude and her love for her “sisters” and grandmother.

Now, grandma is also a courtesan and she is famous for it. I loved her and I want to meet this woman. She was so lively and fun. Really all of Barron’s characters were fantastic and they all seemed to jump off the page. There were a lot of them but I didn’t get confused or mix anyone up. I can’t wait to read Barron’s next book.

As for the more intimate moments. Well, Lilith comes from a long line of women of the night. Barron does take the more sexual scenes and includes them. I felt they were exciting and perfectly paced. But they maybe aren’t for a new romance reader.


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