My Dirty Detour

Remember the book Nights in the Fast Lane I read, loved, and reviewed? Here’s another one by the dame author, Grace Risata, titled My Dirty Detour. It’s a romantic comedy with a splash of mob that had me literally laughing out loud.


Heat Level:

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Alpha Male Romantic Comedy

Germaphobe, plain, average, a pushover, crass, a divorcee; this is how many people would describe Violet when she accidentally wanders into the Grim Rock Distillery, run by a total asshole named Rocky. After a messy first meeting, she trades her book-keeping skills for weekly fight training from Rocky, whose finances are a hot mess. She ends up sorting out more than just the giant box of crumpled bills and gains the respect of her new coworkers. Well, except for Rocky. He’s a douche sandwich that constantly spends his time shoving his nastiness down Violet’s throat when she’s really invaluable to his business. Ya gotta wonder why she stayed.


But people change, seasons change, and some other shit, and Rocky sees that being a douche sandwich doesn’t get shit done and that he needs Violet to sort out his hella messy life. He’s had a tough go of things and Violet’s no-nonsense, but honest, demeanor appeals to him in a strange, and new, way. Violet can say the same about her mysterious boss who slowly helps her crawl out of her shell and heal from her divorce, which left her more subconscious and lonely than ever. But Rocky has just as many secrets as he does muscles.


Violet and Rocky both evolve in this delightful book where truths are exposed and characters are pushed to their personal limits. Much like Risata’s other book, I found myself reading at every available moment, just to see what happened next. It had sex, a band of flashy Russians, a plain Jane who could be any of us, and a hot guy with a bad streak and a heart of gold.



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