Top Reasons We Love Claire Fraser

Last week we talked about how you can tell that you’re an Outlander fan. This week, we’d like to discuss the reasons we love Claire. Feel free to comment with your own favorites.

These are from the show. Next week we will discuss the books. If you haven’t finished the show, then this will have spoilers.

1. She is “just” a nurse. A lot of time people underestimate nurses but Claire proves them all wrong. She helps person after person and never stops to try and find a doctor or someone more suitable. Later on she does better herself and become a successful doctor, but that doesn’t take away from her work as a nurse.

2. She is fiesty. I love how tough Claire is throughout the show. Claire doesn’t take any nonsense from all of those highlander men. She stands up for herself and what she believes in. That is not always easy to do in this male run time period.

3.Claire is adventurous. She goes after Jamie when he is kidnapped and she doesn’t panic if she gets a little dirty. Plus, she shaved her honeypot not knowing what Jamie would say.

4. She likes sex! Okay, who wouldn’t like sex with Jamie or Frank. They both seem like generous lovers (This may also be a reason we hate her). But Claire doesn’t reject the intimacy and she definitely recognizes the positive impact it has on marriage. And we all know that she respects the knee porn!    

5. Claire doesn’t just accept her circumstances. She takes in every situation and works hard to find a way to make it beneficial. Not many people would have the courage to try and stop an entire revolution or to take advantage of being called a witch.

6. Speaking of loved ones, Claire loves deeply. So many people are afraid of love or give up when they’ve been hurt by love. After losing Frank due to time travel, I wouldn’t have blamed Claire if she closed her heart for good. But she didn’t! Claire let Jamie in and, we can argue this later, but I truly believe she has two loves. She loved both Frank and Jamie deeply. Why else would she have kept her wedding ring?

7. She is loyal to Jamie. Dougal tries to woe her when Jamie is gone but she doesn’t let him until she knows that there is no other choice.. Instead, Claire convinced him to help her save Jamie so they can be together.

8. Claire isn’t a damsel in distress. She doesn’t sit and wait for Prince Charming to come and rescue her. In fact, she does a lot of rescuing herself. I love that she can take care of herself and all the tough men around her.

9. She would be a great friend to have. I feel like Claire is the friend to help when you have a flat tire or to buy you your pregnancy test when you’re too scared. She will even give you dung to make the man of your dreams fall in love with her. Just don’t try and accuse her of witch craft.

10.  The final reason we love Claire is that Caitriona embodies Claire! Even though we all secretly wish that we could play Claire and spend the day filming an intimate scene with Sam, I doubt anyone could do it as well as Caitriona or with half her class. She is the perfect Claire which makes us love her more.

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What are the reasons you love Claire?

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7 thoughts on “Top Reasons We Love Claire Fraser

  1. Isabel Garner says:

    I love she is such a giggler and seems to be so down to earth, talking Cait here. She is so beautiful and scrappy A woman very sure of herself and smart as well. Just love her as her character as well, she just fits the part perfectly.


  2. Trudy Miner says:

    Claire/Cait is a WWII combat nurse and my mother was a WWII Army nurse stationed in Ireland, England and France. Cait’s grandmother was a WWII nurse. I feel so connected to Claire/Cait as a result, especially after first episode in Season2.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I love that Claire is so stubborn and will do what she thinks is right, even if isn’t the right thing to do. I also love that Claire struggles at first when she and Jamie are married about letting herself fall in love with Jamie and doesn’t write Frank off completely; which tells me that she is a very loyal and a very faithful person!

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