A Stone’s Throw

Today we’re going to be discussing A Stone’s Throw by Debbie De Louise. It’s a cozy mystery featuring a middle age cast, and is the tale of one woman’s search through the lies to find the truth.


Heat Level:♥

Overall Rating: 3/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Mystery

Alicia is a middle age widow, when her husband suddenly passed in a car accident. Six months later, she’s contemplating leaving her job as a librarian and feel generally as if she needs to make some changes. So she decides to go to a place called Cobble Cove, the small town where her husband was born, but Alicia had never been there. In fact, she had never met anyone her husband was related to, which she began to find particularly odd. When she finally gets to Cobble Cove, she sees that she is expected by basically the whole town, and that no one had heard of her husband’s family. Alicia makes herself acquainted with the town’s library and begins a close relationship with a local man named John. As she continues her search for her late husband’s roots, she finds more questions than answers.


The book wasn’t an attention grabber from the start. I had to really push for a large portion of the book in order to get to the end, and kept wandering off to do other things. However, the writing and editing was basically immaculate and De Louisa placed in some very sweet details that gave her story the extra boost to make it a pleasant enough read. So, if you like cozy mysteries that don’t scare, and don’t mind working for your action, then A Stone’s Throw might be for you.



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