Seven Sovereign Queens

Seven Sovereign Queens, by Geoffrey Trease, is a collection of short biographical stories from the lives of seven royal women throughout history.


Heat Level:♥

Overall Rating: 4/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Biographical Collection

Cleopatra of Egypt, Boudicca Queen of the Iceni, Galla Placidia the Empress of Rome, Isabella of Spain, Christina of Sweden, the Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa, and Catherine the Great are all featured in this wonderful collection. Each woman was a ruler in her own right, not just a child-bearing consort of a king. They all lived colorful lives that were full of drama, murder, intrigue, and scandal, making them worthy of special places in history. Each chapter gives us a fun and concise glimpse into the lives of royalty.


This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, as it is a series of factual accounts, but it’s written in a straightforward manner that’s easy to follow. I, for one, really enjoy historical fun facts, which are plentiful in this book. I recommend it to old, and new, lovers of history for a light and interesting read.



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