Piecing Together Sydney

We are here with the third book in the Sydney West Series. Spoilers, I repeat Spoilers! If you think that you may want to read the series, then please go look at book one, Shades of Sydney. Book 2 is Breaking Down Sydney. Now that she is broken, here is Piecing Together Sydney.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating 5/6 Glass Slippers

Sydney and Jason made it through the school year and the unthinkable is happening…she said yes to marry Jason. Now they are getting ready for their wedding in July. Now Sydney will decide if it is finally time to change her summer boys into just one summer man.

Okay, actually, it isn’t really up to Sydney anymore. The party scene calls her name but she is determined to behave. However, it takes a whole lot ore than determination to bring the party out of the girl. One of her ‘friends’ has a different idea in mind and soon Sydney loses control because she one of her drinks is spiked. When she kisses someone who isn’t Jason will it be the end of their romance? Will they be able to bring back the romance that was so refreshing? Or will Jason see the relationship as just a summer fling?

This book took my heart, threw it on the ground, curb stomped it, and then slowly unwrinkled it. I couldn’t take the feels that just flowed off the page. We got to see a new side of Jason in this book and I think that it was really refreshing. For so long he is this almost perfect specimen that Sydney should count her lucky stars is willing to take the time and break down her walls. But here he shows us a lot more when a stranger from his past complicates everything.


I love a good wedding. I love everything about a wedding and any book with that premise into it screams at me until I finally read it. A lot of people will probably criticize Sydney and Jason because they are so young. But I think there is something to be said about young love, especially when it is between old souls. I personally think that Sydney is an old soul. She grew up too fast and experienced too much too early. As a result, I think she is prepared to make the decision to get married this young. I may be a little bias because I was engaged at 22 and married at 24 but it should never be your place to tell someone they are too young to get married.

Alright, I am off my soap box. I really enjoyed this series and I am not ready to say goodbye to Sydney. I feel like she is that one best friend we all have who can be a pain but at the end of the day she will fight for you, with you, and beside you. We came a long way together and I’d recommend her to anyone looking for some summer fun.



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