Ugh, you guys, this one’s a roller coaster for real. I was given this as a review/fresh set of editing eyes and thought it was totally wild. Completely unlike any romance I’ve ever read, which is always totally exciting. So, here’s Unleashed by Penelope Marshall, the first in the Mr. Black Series.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Romantic Military Thriller

We open up to some straight up action; Elijah is a SEAL, being held captive in Sierra Leone by Amadi, the second in charge to a man named Mr. Cheng. Their plan is to get information from Elijah by any means necessary. So, day by day, Elijah is beaten and bruised, pushed to his physical limits, refusing to give his captors any more information than his name and rank.


But, this is a romance, so enter Nasima, Amadi’s niquab-wearing cousin who has been tasked with tending to the prisoner’s wounds. After all, you can’t get state secrets from a dead body. She speaks perfect English and finds herself oddly torn over her attraction to the dirty American in bloody clothes. It goes against everything she’s ever been taught.

This is forbidden love to the extreme, but mixed in with mostly kick-ass USA, flag waving, bald eagle cawing, Star Spangled Banner playing, patriotism that brings a tear to George Washington’s eye. I’m talking Black Hawks, fist-fighting, and some good old fashioned American pride. So, if you love your country, hot Navy Seals, forbidden love, and defying all odds to survive, then pick up a copy now. Did I mention the twist ending? Because, holy hell, it was a huge twist.



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